More of Paris Event and Who Are The Same Evil Souls within Psybient Community!

I was very honored that I was being requested to elaborate on the same topic I had just posted on

Because it is a public space, so that I need to refrain myself from venting too much, but I believe people who are in the know understand what is going on, and can’t we just use such a Chinese expression, it is the same in Japanese, “自投罗网 “, basically it means the criminal jumps to its own confession voluntarily…

And that is what happened, as for why that leech witch (that leech is more like Gargamale’s nasty running-feline! ) would do such a suicidal act, it pretty much owns to no way out, so that the big master rather sacrifices the inferior one, like lizard wizard would dump its own tail so as to let the rest run away. It is quite a clever biological trick, but when you have done it too much, it is not as magical as that stupid master would expect!

Ok, now I will connect Gargamale and its gangs to their actual real life identities… first, I have identified that leech yiannis thing quite a long time ago, now I find the date , it was October 20, and here is the actual words: “Beryl, like burial thing, which is quite fit its character. And that Beryl is quite busy on right now, though it is only pushing its nobody zombie heads around, but people can still have some idea who that witch is, (death) metal stuff, heavy smoke plus alcohol minus spiritual belief, somebody rebuffed this one when it just mentioned it in that “by the way”  pose. And that put it into some rest! Not ready to reveal its true identity yet, better to fool around than reveal claws! Ok, a little more hints, do you notice the user id image, there is one that looks fancy but eyes are very hollowed out and spooky, and was quite active on psybient until lately, and that is Witch.Beryl”.

testify 1testify 2

And then here is the snipping image of the statistics of my blog visitors.  I am sure there must be  certain invisible visitors to my blog. Otherwise it would be very curious indeed how exactly such a figure would come out in such a nasty way, and in such a grave event! I have never confronted that yianni until yesterday, “Stadning up to fight for your life is instinct reaction and not to be advised!” Just witness that shameless fake authoritative tone! So, we have waited out for its claw revealing moment.

The significance of that nasty witch-head’s confession means that it itself is the very part of the Paris blood murder! And is it a white Greek  female, a catholic Filipino or really some male jihadist? Or it IS all of them! And it is very laughable for them to leave that refugee paper on the spot, what a considerate setup?! Isn’t it a bit too obvious?! You see, not only do they want to cause panic in Europe,  they  try to split up people among ourselves, so that “liberal” neighbors fight “conservative” neighbors! Evil heads, are just evil heads, they don’t care any religion or any ideology, the only thing they care, is to benefit themselves and cause maxim pain on other people! Though they rarely benefits much for themselves… to be honest! But maxim pains among good people because of such evil schemes, that is not something so uncommon!!!

And please, good people, don’t think you can win some reasoning with evil souls, you’d better just give your life and everything away. Really, evil vampires wouldn’t suck your blood if it does believe any, even just one piece of righteous things they said!

That is why when I encounter them, I just instantly ask them to go away or I leave as fast and as far away as possible!

I am sure good people are closely watching such a witch-head now, so the rest of my post is about what I had done after more revelation has been made! This is about that witch-head’s partner and its master’s identity in psybient music world.

Psybient music world is a very crucial battleground.. because it is really about our soul and that soul really is the core of our life… And I must admit I am not so capable to spot who is who that easy myself…

So here we go, you notice Ms.Gagarin, (I would explain why I call Ms.Gagarin later) had an interview with a fairly loud name psybient artist, Globular. It is not what Globular said caught my attention, it is just one pre-cooked script used again and again, it is that picture, that man looks exceedingly like someone who just happens to live right on the second floor of mine.  I heard the message very loud that instant, but I chose rather not to believe it. It was a setup, I tried to convince myself. I don’t know Globular as a person much, but I had quite a bit of his music, I even used two for my pride and prejudice mixes.  So naturally I rather believe he is all right.

But that male on the second floor,  I had really serious doubts… He actually is very low profile, never had any open confrontation with anyone. But I knew that dark, unspeakable side of him better than that. (I can hear every signle move of his upstaris.)

For a long time, he rarely stayed in his place, he claimed he was a Pakistani from UK, though I couldn’t tell anything so Uk-ish about him. What is strange is right after my broke away from that witch-head, or more precisely, since October, the debacle of sending me to mental hospital, he suddenly moved into his flat… like either he lost his normal place or he had to stay close by here….

And I can always hear his sometimes very loud, very weird move upstairs, just so that to make you feel uncomfortable, maybe that is exactly the intention. But on the surface, he seems quite a normal, ordinary person…. but honestly, anybody who can live close by me is anything but ordinary….

Today that voice of questioning  Globular’s true identity got very loud again, is he really my upstairs, Bob Smile, Omaba?  My guess is that Ms.Omaba doesn’t want its partner stay clean where she is being dragged into the trap, so this is some sort of informant message.

You see, nothing ever happened by accident in this world, and I come to the conclusion that Ms.Gagarin rather used her seemingly gullibility fooled sneaky Omaba aka Globular showing up his tell-tale tail!

As the normal logic goes, you can not judge who is who just by comparing a look alike picture, but on the other side, I already knew there is such connection of certain facial pattens indicating certain personal character traits…so the picture aroused my suspicion, but not necessarily a conviction, I will wait, observe more, pay attention more, and sooner or later, I will find out if it is the true case. The picture of Globular is quite strange, it is quite a young, somebody would consider cute-ish image, but the way he raised his head looked at the camera is somewhat very familiar to me, like he is busy, and he is not so sure who you are, there is a bit doubt, timidness there. You see, it is rather quite ordinary, common expression, but nobody gave the same type of facial expression like there is no same type of fingerprints. Basically, I recognized that expression from that picture. I saw it from my ex-doctor in charge, and I saw it from the guy upstairs. And later that guy just gave me exactly the same look again while he went upstairs, we exchanged a very serious checking-each-other-out kind of stares. And I knew at that moment! I believe he knew I knew as well! (Somebody asks me what about Omaba, certainly you can do that yourself, find that out yourself! So you will learn a new skill, very useful in life!)

Globular is really quite like Omaba and his super oily mouthed partner, if you pay close enough attention. Like, you just can not tell from their words, or mere actions, you must spot on! Globular is very tricky, his free music offer, his fancy dubby music style, and how he praise just the right influential namesakes, you really have to admit he is a very very very calculated personality… did I mention he has a genius background in math and engineer! Oh, yes, he was that doctor in charge while I was in that mental hospital ward, too, how “kind and understanding” he had been! But your dear partner/lesbian sister was just the same “friendliness”!

Should I thank them for their”bait kindness”? Sorry, Mr and Ms.Obama or whatever, I don’t think so, at all!!!! Not only I don’t thank you, I should request you, please, don’t you ever dare to fool me, cheat me, stay far far away from me!!!

And the moment I confirmed my suspicion, I deleted all my collections of his, hopefully I will find his stuff in compilations. I am sorry to break out such a terrible news for people within psybient. Of course I do not ask anyone to believe me, I would rather suggest keeping a watchful eye. (oh, somebody talked about seniority, oh mine, just because you are old or you made something sounds good( but really very poisonous inside), you are not supposed to be evil, that sounds very much a leech logic!)

Well, I have even worse news for psybient people, one particular very light-hearted big shot, way more senior than Globular, and was quite a peaking figure somewhere sort of guy, he is the psybient version Warren Buffet Gargamale! And his name is truly reflect its status, Master Margarita. (Seems like he prefers ga sound!)

Finding him out actually is not difficult, once I (or we to be fair) found that Globular out, these nasty souls never hesitate to give away their best mates in crime!!! And I don’t doubt a bit that master maga thing is that Gargamale, wizard lizard…

How so? I got my clue through this link Psytrance, to be honest, is a very complicated and not in a very nice kind way place, but psybient, is relatively clean. So on one of those particular days, I went though that entire 89 pages of DJ sets archive files… Thank you for such a truckload of information, isratrance!!!

Going through that history, it goes back to 2007, is like digging through some fossile cross-section samples from the earth.  And that Maga’s name really did catch my eyes, I already had his collection Afro beat at that time and from my previous knowledge, I know he isn’t such a serious person, but that is quite common among “cool” people… but his maga way is even “unique” among them, his dj mix is not like any regular psybient stuff, but rather pieces from very very obscure places, and the tracklists, they are definitely not nice, but it is very hard to say outright dark, though you certainly feel dark, but because you can’t trace the backgrounds of all the obscure sources, you just can’t push for that the conviction.

Maybe I would speak another figure here, Mr.Johnny blue, even though I am not a huge fan of his sometimes psydub styles, (I guess the whole world already knew that). He was quite active at the same time along Maga. They were like good friends..  (Psybient wasn’t a very big circle back then.) Just by observing the patterns of these two big name’s posts on the forum, I respect Mr.Johnny Blue’s sincerity, and I knew Maga is somebody who are quite capable, just not in a very good way… but at that time, I thought he was just joking…. Until now! So when Maga was suggested to be Gargamale, I instantly knew it is so! That really explains away all my doubts.

Isn’t super super super tricky, that somebody is capable of disguising evilness in a seemingly irreverent joke! Planting poison in a good intentioned gift box is evil, but planting poison in a laughing stock joke is super evil! You see, It is quite difficult to frame up a nice, goody people, but it is much easier to frame up cool, seemingly irreverent good people out there, and at the same time, that seemingly careless fun joke can cover you up so perfectly!! You blend right in!

Maga is truly that super sneaky Warren Buffet type parasite, super capable of adapting to its host environment!

I always had problems with his label peak records, but  you see, I confused him with other so called cool people myself. I would cite this particular example, Va – Tranchillizer 2008 compliation zip file has been flagged as malicious by fdm, (free download manager), I was quite puzzled at that time, but I wouldn’t risk just one piece of music at the expense of my entire collection and my computer! No matter how enticing that tracklist looks like! I am so glad that I didn’t make that mistake! Thank you!!! FDM and all the nice software engineers over there !!! You see, good people are out there, though they might not be as loud or as visible as these nasty things!!!!

(This is addon after my proofreading, I got a message from a psybient memeber, like last time sufi’s life. The message is that I should better not to publish the name of the album, because many other people are getting involved, it would hurt. Thank you for that advice, but I think I will go on with it. I know it will offend quite some people, but it is better to do the right thing, rather than doing the pleasing thing! You please somebody for one second, and then we all have to suffer for a long afterwards. As for your big names, please don’t take your name that seriously, I could have way way bigger name if I wish to, so what, it doesn’t mean anything if I am wrong. Being cool is fine, but chasing coolness and getting yourself involved in an evil scheme and not aware of it. That is a very serious mistake and you must face up to your own consequence. And you know what, those people are going to be rewarded by Maga and its gangs one way or another, Maga doesn’t thank you for being on his side or being service to him, your reward is to get slaughtered! )

I can see that disbelief, regrets, even heartbreaking for some, all that difficult feelings when such two names are exposed, (Tanina Munchkina should be that yiannis),  I know it is much harder to let go a piece of music than a million dollar for a true music fan! And that is why it is even more crucial that we must identify those hidden virus souls within psyibent music world…

It is really not so surprising, considering in every little community, you will find those parasitic spirits, how could they ignore psybient, a place we feel so close to our heart… and you can’t blame them for their disguise, otherwise they have no business in such trade.

Personally, I don’t think it is such a big loss, Globular and Maga aren’t exactly top notch musicians, they sound good, but not even close to be irreplaceable.

I must confess something, I used to think Kyoto and Globular are the same artist, and I chose Globular and deleted all of Kyoto collections, but now I had a complete reversal opinion of these two… the spiritual fights in the psybient music battleground are the single most difficult ones I have ever encountered, really!!!

Somehow I have to laugh even at my own expense, fight in person, fight in the animal, insect world, fight in cyber forum, fight with any other music genres, nothing is even close to be as difficult as in psybient!

So please excuse yourself if you blame yourself why we can’t spot them on earlier!!! We all have to learn, one step at a time!

So that is the end of another little rambling from little psaya! Thank you all!


A Dream and Blood Payment

I don’t know why I am keeping writing on this little nobody-read blog, pouring out all my little bit life lesson, just in case it might help someone out there spiritually, hopeful though. (I am never such a big mouth, always me, me and me, it is very boring.) Spiritual stuff, you can only hope for a result, but you never should expect it, ’cause it is not up to me to decide and high expectation always leads to higher disappointment, and I would emphasize “always”.

I had a very strange dream, unusual because normally when I have a bad dream, it is me being attacked, being ambushed and which made me jump up to defend myself afterwards. But this time, it is like I switched the role and being somebody else… so I am not going to fight back, just talking la. This time I found myself being devoted to someone and then when I finally made it to that person,(I was late), I was told I wasn’t good enough, I tried to state my contribution, but found out the otherwise, well, that was it, I felt hurt, but I left that particular person, quietly walked away, while being stared at…( If I chose to stay, I would be stared at even more, I am sure. 🙂 ) I guess it is a pre-setup dream scenario, but the final decision is my own, and that is the whole point of the dream… it is like when your supposed best friend suddenly think you are not good enough, what should you do?  Isn’t it sound very familiar?

Well, I certainly didn’t do as somebody else had done. And now I will explain why I have done this way and why it is better for me, and better for the world!

First of all, dream is like a small stage play, the premises are set and you act accordingly, you rarely get the chance to question why and so, if you ever do lucky get to do it, because it is in the script…

So,  if I am just that unlucky, not so smart, not so popular, and somebody just decides to dump me, well, I certainly feel hurt, but I wouldn’t go on and on and get angry. I never ever get angry when someone choose not to talk to me. You see, I really do have tremendous pride for myself. And my pride has nothing to do with my status, my smartness, my prettiness, and so on…. It is just the pride of my heart! If you don’t like me, so be it, I leave you alone la!

My feeling might get hurt, but if I choose to walk away, which I did, I don’t have to feel I am a burden to someone. I can always improve myself whenever, wherever later, I might never be as good as some other people,  but so what?! I am very happy that we all have own specialty. I have my own. What is the big deal?! That is real self esteem, real self confidence!

What matters is that I would feel terrible if I have to beg someone to be my friend. I would feel miserable if I have to have thick skin to remain in that circle where I am not exactly welcome and I have the choice to go. In such difficult occasions, to leave is the easiest choice! The big world outside might be unknown, but you can always start afresh, while remaining in that awkward place, you can never truly being yourself,  always second guessing if I am good enough, if somebody is not happy with me?! Oh, no, I would never want that! (I had to live like that for a while but because I had no way out, so like what it said in Gone with the Wind, you live like buckwheat, bid your time, work, smile, play along, once you are strong enough, you fly away. 🙂 so there!)

Maybe that is the reason people walked out of Africa that long long time ago! I don’t know why I keep having such flashback. In someway, I do agree. If you have watched documentaries, you would be amazed how Africans are so comfortable with their centuries old ways of life, they are happy to eat this sorghum/maize paste day in and day out for their life, while in Japan, someone would invent a warm sole just so that you don’t have to walk cold feet for the winter! (Office ladies are not supposed to wear boots, thick socks.) I would rather die than eat that stuff for 3 days.. I don’t even eat rice for two days in a row, I must have rice, ramen noodle, rice noodle, pasta and until then I come back to rice! Even for rice, I have rice, veggie soup with little natural proteins or veggie little meat steamed over rice. And I am doing all of it with just a little nice rice cooker! I make sure my cooking is tasty, nutritious yet as easy and convenient as possible! I only cook once a day, the other time I have very nice inventive salad, compliment with all sorts of snacks….  life should be as fun and as fresh every possible day!

Of course I didn’t have such luxury for very long. When I first arrived in Hong Kong full of dirt and sweat, I didn’t even have shoes, let alone a place and warm meal! It has been a long way but I managed, and there weren’t any big secrets at all! It is just because I want to improve myself, my character, my behavior, every little thing I have, the little space I live in. And all of these improvements, in the end,  improved my life! Materially and mentally and spiritually. They are never really  separate  irrelevant entities…  Of course, it is not just my own efforts, but mine certainly affected how others, like Hong Kong people perceive me, and so it happened.

Yes, people get mixed feelings when you somewhat went past beyond them. But everyone can do what I had done and am doing… I don’t doubt Africa has its charm, I believe the wild life in African savanna would thank African people for their fairness! Two-legged creatures had done terrible things to them in other parts of the world in the past!

Well, somebody are talking once again. Human beings are humans because they had dared to leave the wild life habitat million years ago. So we are just at the full circle, one way or another! You know what this implies, anyway, talking this big historical evolutionary events is not exactly my strength. I just pass the message. (Oh, I am doing it, once again, but let me tell you this moment.)

So I will get back to something personal. I was told I need to move out either end of this month or next month, exactly because what had happened in our neighborhood. You see, I am not the one to blame, but I am happy to move out, I would like to have bigger space for my plants and myself to walk around, though finding a proper place is not easy… and I am very much doubt I can have such a good deal I made with my apartment manger, I have very good internet service here…

In anticipation of such a case, I had been furiously collecting my music on the internet, I went to a Russian psychedelic community site for that, and honestly, it was not easy, after 8 days in a row, my head is spinning mad, I am sick, working way too much. And even worse, I got this very big surprise this morning, the relentless flea bites I mentioned is my payment for such music! You see, I can not possibly pay for my psybient music collection! Well, I always believe I can contribute in some other way to help all the musicians. Money isn’t everything!

But I wouldn’t imagine to help in such a way, though when the news was brought to me, I wasn’t exactly crying unfair…. it is not a very nice deal, but I guess I can give some of my blood for the music! But please, that nasty, he is till nasty to me no matter what the logic of this business is, flea and his somewhat partners please give the fair share to the artists!! Don’t keep all the money to yourself! Or you are not going to have another such a deal!

My blood is very precious to some people, didn’t I tell you?! I guess I would use that to pay for my music, just for a short time! Music will make me happy and keep me health in the long run! Just imagine, living in a place, not a lot people around, no TV, no internet, no books, what am I going to do, sitting around?! Even if I had mountains of cookies, I wouldn’t be happy! But now that I have hundred gigs of music, hundred titles of ebooks, I would be very happy sitting around all alone in the wild nature! It is not that I do not like being around people. I would love to live among rainbow gathering folks, and I am very fascinated with slab city, but I would rather be alone than with people I can not communicate! The mental barrier, the experience barrier is extremely difficult to overcome.

I am supposed to be the refugee, but I am a refugee running away from a lifestyle that could match a well-off American citizen, but most other refugees, they are still looking for a taste of life that regular Hong Kong people can afford. We are like from complete opposite spectrum. That is why I wouldn’t ever step a foot in an African slum, but I am more than happy to live in a “deserted” slab city! Slab city is like a  quasi-permanent mixup of rainbow gathering and old buring man! I don’t want to sound nose up, but I wouldn’t be interested in living in NYC, not even San Francisco. Well, I can compromise a bit if I really need some saving! Hong Kong and New York city are quite the same! (Good taste but so boring otherwise!)

Maybe that is one of the major reasons I couldn’t get along with refugee people here. I couldn’t bear that dirtiness, careless to the environment, selfish without consideration, and lack of basic manners! I was treated very rudely by quite a lot of them, maybe they think I am one of them and there is no need for such pretension (meaning good manners) reserved only for rich, passported people. Quite a lot of rich, passported people unfortunately share that same idea as well, to be honest.  Alas, that is real snobbish! Don’t you agree?! I guess I defied all their expectations somehow!!! (Sign), I walked away from them too much, ignored them too often and they are greatly offended! If only I can dress up like an official princess!! 🙂 Which I wouldn’t, I am not here to serve some silly snobbish people. But strange to say, those same snobbish people always like to swarm around me, for favors, only after that, they throw their little put downs, just in case I might ask for payback. And good folks I like to be around, I don’t think they would come near me when I am surrounded by these hungry selfish souls.

Anyway, that is another report from little psaya! Hopefully this time around I would have a little bit properer place to stay, a little bit kinder, nicer people to live with. Ok, my little mini version of “out of Africa”, let us see la! 🙂

I Can’t change the world, but you can change your world!

I don’t know why I have to write this one, but I felt the calling, so I just have to open my heart to speak out  the innermost truth of mine!
I knew I am special, ever since I was awaken, but I had a very humble beginning, by design or anything else,  it is something I would never forget.

And believe or not, I do regard every soul, every spirit in this universe equal in status, a little sandstone’s soul and the soul of the entire universe, not to mention solar father or mother earth, is the same equalness. Nobody needs to worship anybody else, no matter he is God or she is Gaia. We are all equal! Imagine you are the father or mother, would you like your children to respect you or worship you? I am sure God or Goddess, if they are nice and reasonable, they would agree with me.

But at the same time, equal in status does not mean we are equal in experience, equal in wisdom, equal in karma! Let us not to talk about the measurements of our property, our intelligence, our savings!

And because of all these differences, we simply all live in different world of our own, different space, different time. (We need time and space to accumulate everything else.) Don’t you think some people are still living in precivalization age, even if we were in the same mental hospital ward?!

And how can we ever change the world for everyone, there isn’t such a thing as one world, one love, everyone lives in everyone’s own little world and everyone has everyone’s own idea of love, and all this little worlds make up this one little universe, and I am sure our little universe, along infinite little other universes make up for some super-universe, and the whole thing just keeping going on, and on. And the whole procedure can go the other direction, our body is a whole lot of little worlds in molecule scale, atom scale, electron scales. Our body is one universe and a super-universe at the same time. I actually had the experience of going out of this universe while I had some salvia way way long time ago…

Some people would call it a profound experience, I would say it is just very unsettling. I watched my own room, then the earth, the solar system, getting further and further away, shrinking to some tiny tiny spot, and then the whole universe, time space the whole thing, melted into some layer of a think slab of who knows what. I was very very worried, I kept wondering how the heck I could go back, you see, my home, our universe was still there, but they were so tiny, so indistinguishable, I couldn’t even see it, how could I ever find it again?! And I was thinking our much worshiped, much magnificent knowledge of technology, science stuff, what they matter when you was stuck in such a situation?!!! I think I lost my high regard for them ever since!  And I quit salvia! (It is actually legal.) I had some fun experience, like being a cell in the body of a flying dragonfly. But I do not like leaving my home and not able to go back! Well,  maybe the current me wouldn’t be so afraid, as long as I can pack well in advance.

I was very relieved that I was still home when the salvia effects left me. It only lasted a few minutes, but in that 3,4 minutes, it is heaven and eternity in scale extra extra beyond! Don’t you think?!

You see, it is not so difficult to go beyond. It is all about your soul capacity… you care about your planet, your soul is as big as the planet, you care about the universe, you soul is as big as this universe,  it is that simple, but if you just care about your own little body, your soul is as big as your own little body.

and so it is meaningless for someone to speak aloud about how to change this world. We can certainly change our own world, but we can only assist if someone ask you to change their world. Our worlds are interconnected, like universes are interconnected, but it is about influence, rather than deciding for one another.

In the mental hospital ward, because we are in a very small enclosure place, it is very hard to avoid the inter-connective influence, but still you can try to stay further away from your perceived “negative” influence, and move closer to your perceived “positive” influence… everyone is capable of  doing that, as far as I can observe. And for me, I can fight back, but I rather choose to avoid. Location is very important, but it is not so important. Let your enemy choose! and you will find it much easier to defend your second choice location world!

You see,  it is really useless keep wishing for world peace, world harmony, world love… even world unity, if everyone wants to have it, it will come, until then, if you keep pushing it, certain rebellious souls would do just the opposite! Honestly, I don’t push for their acceptance of my faith, they pushed me for theirs. So when I say “music kicked out wickedness”, I mean I kick wickedness out of my little world, but I can’t kick wickedness out of this universe, I can’t go to their home to kick out their wicked soul and put a new cleanup-ed one for them, it is against the LAW!!! And I do agree with that law! In the meantime, I will make sure that law will stop them to dirty my clean clear soul! That is real fairness, don’t you agree?!

That is what I mean I can’t change the world, some people choose “wickedness”, that is their choice, and I understand some people are like the sheep, very vulnerable to such thing, that is why you need to learn how to protect yourself, rather than wishing the wolf or whatever change their appetite…  What about this prophecy, unless sheep can super-kick wolf’s butt, wolf won’t stop licking their tongue for mutton!  While you are working on that, choose your neighbor wisely! And choose your friend wisely! Thank you!

PS: I read one little article in Hong Kong about English grammar, like you are not supposed to say foreign country people, you only suppose to speak “correct test answer”: foreigner!  What a silly nonsense, foreign country people sounds much nicer than rigid cold foreigner!! It is quite a warm and courteous expression for people from other part of the world! Sometimes English major teachers should be grateful for learning this new, inventive foreign English!

A few after thoughts of last chapter

First of all, there are more reasons than we think there should be, like when my teeth got wrong, my initial reaction was because of my eating habit and I attributed it to lemon’s acidity. But it was really not the case. My teeth, is not perfect, but I always can manage. I use a eagle beak tweezers to have tooth cleaning every night. And once in a while, I use the little hook-looking metal tool, like what dentists use on teeth cleaning, to do a deeper cleaning. I use it to dig blood out. The theory is that fresh blood can rinse away stagnant elements within surface tissue and accelerate growth of fresh one.

I will talk more about lemon later. I wrote a little note for Mr.Makyo a few days ago on He has some mysterious nerve pain related to his hearing. And I would believe my experience is the same as his. It is definitely not because he used his ears too much, since he has been doing it all along, something as abrupt as his, has to do with something outside… I am very afraid it has to do with certain psychic poison as well. Though I can not pinpoint what it is, maybe it is because this same Warren Buffet wizard.

now I will reveal a bit of my plan how to finish this flea Warren Buffet. He has been very tricky this time, definitely a bewitched flea. But no matter. We just found out this great idea. You see, all the fleas, ticks are hiding inside his giant bone. Didi I mention there are numerous holes for the blood suckers in and out?! Because Warren Buffet’s energy is strong for now, I don’t have the means to trace the flea… but since the bone is its hiding place, it is a place we can focus on as well. You see, bones are entirely made of calcium chemicals and if you knew chemistry, it would dissolve when you add acid. And that is our plan! Isn’t lemon just have plenty of that component to finish this old nasty bone? Thank you, Mr.lemon!

So I just made some fresh lemon water and sprayed all over my body, every time, that wicked flea bites me, it would be stuck with some lemon acid particles, and it will bring that bone-melting acid back to its hiding place…. the more it bites me, the more it will destroy its hiding place. So, sooner or later, it will not have its place to hide and I can get him there and then. Warren buffet, do you and your billion dollar think stank hear this?! Go , hurry, find a new trick, you jerk!!!

And there is one more thing I want to add about Warren Buffet, I already mentioned that leech thing does not understand what is shame, Warren Buffet is the one who doesn’t understand what is wireless. Somehow his brain was stuck in 1960s. And he wasn’t able to learn anything after since his brain was forever 4 year old. I think the wireless he meant is the mobile phone. So when you read on newspaper that Warren Buffet didn’t understand new technology, he actually is telling the truth. ( He does like nakedness as well, as you can see from the video.) I am telling the very truth, too!

I laughed at him when he kept asking everyone what was wireless, but now I just detest him!!!!

Keep sucking my blood, Warren Buffet, I dare you!!!!!!!!!!!!! All right?!

Warren Buffet, his true spiritual identity and how to finish the flea infestation

I haven’t come to my online coven for quite a while, because things seem quite quiet, but now I finally identified that nasty 4 year old latest nasty deed, so I am here typing again, despite not having enough sleep.
Well, I couldn’t really sleep either, because that nasty wizard is going crazy here.

So first let me tell how I finally found out all this!

Around a week ago, I started to notice I had this odd itchiness, because this one morning I woke up and one of my eyelids felt weird, out of nothing at all. From my experience, I knew it had to do with something external, nothing really happened without a reason, especially when it has to do with your body.  I went through my mind all the possibilities, and I connected this weird reaction with the odd itchiness I had recently… you see, itchiness is biological poison reaction, it does not kill you, but it can accumulate in your body. Once enough in your body, it would manifest in some noticeable body damage.

I naturally thought it was someone’s black magic trick. I noticed most of the itchy spots were on my lower legs and while I was out in my little back alley garden. But I couldn’t find anything despite watching very carefully.

This week, that itchiness gets really bad,  it spreads further. At first I though it was mosquito, we do have this one super size mosquito which has this characteristic bites, the bump is not very big, but many in numbers, and often around your ankle area… I am puzzled, I haven’t had serious mosquito bites for a long while, and yesterday I got bites even when I was in the mosquito net.

While I was bothered by all the itchy bites, my teeth suddenly fell apart. Not just one, two!! I was worried, maybe because I drink too much lemon tea,  eat too much biscuit, and it finally caught on me…

While I was having all this mental debate, I guess somehow I lost my original awareness… and this morning, I woke up because the intense itchiness that I just had to say enough is enough.  I had like 2 hours sleep. I went to bed at 6am! (I was watching Nils, his wondrous adventure and rainbow gathering!)

After examining, I found both my ankles are full of red bite marks, then it came to me that these are flea bites… you see, fleas are so tricky, a lot of time you mistake its bite for mosquito or bed bugs…

And then everything starts to make sense. I know when and how the fleas got into my room… I have a few mouse neighbors.. sometimes this big boy one came to my garden for some snacks, I believed the fleas somewhat chose to jump out and stayed there, and that was why I had this itchy ankles in the beginning, and that is also why I later had them in my room, started from occasional bites to infestation now .

And I really knew why my teeth went wrong, it is not because of my lemon tea, it is not because of my biscuits.. I had them for a long time and I always manage everything quite well, it is the flea poison.  First it tested on my eyelids, and then it targets my teeth. I think my eyes too. Internal poison makes you age, and age faster, don’t overlook them!!

I am very very angry at this point, and I knew who is behind these nasty flea bites as well, but I will talk about that late in detail. Though You already knew who that is from the title.

Luckily, I have superb experience dealing with fleas.. (while I am typing, that nasty wizard is calling his flea poison to attack my fingers, just so that I knew his power.)

I first encountered terrible flea attacks way way back when I was in San Francisco, it was horrible, oh, right before my soul found my body! That nasty wizard gargamel! I moved out that time, not yet learned how to fight.

The second time happened when I was traveling in Dali, China, in a hostel with many rainbowers. It was by accident that I finally realized the flea infestation, same like this time. I believe that flea wizard has this mental power to stop you from suspecting it.

I wrote about it somewhere about that experience. Because it was almost impossible to spot a flea, not to mention catching it, so I devised this idea to sit in the middle of the room everyday around 6 pm, (I notice mosquito has the same biological schedule for bloodsucking as well.)  without much clothes on, like a mediating practiser. Yes, around that time, I literally saw fleas jumping from wherever the invisible places heading for me, the light colored stone floor helped me a great deal, since the flea couldn’t landing properly on the hard floor, and they staggered, so that was the moment(only moment) I could pinch them, “all die!!”…  I didn’t remember how many I killed, but I had to sit like that for a week, finally, the fleas died away.  It was very strange feeling, I was the blood trap and seeing these little vampy creatures jumping all over me, it was very spooky yet exciting,  exciting because I am determined not to loose that battle.

And soon later I had this opportunity to raise five puppies because I was somewhat in love, how silly I was then, but I didn’t regret raise them… I gave them very lovely and profound names, they were unity, karma, energy, rainbow and maya, unity was the oldest.  when I first adopted them from their natural home, some of them were so full of fleas, it was scary to look at… but you see, I wasn’t afraid of fleas anymore…  Soon I discovered a perfect way to catch these tricky, slippery blood suckers…

Fleas are notoriously hard to catch, and hard to kill, what should you do when they are running through the dense hairs of dogs? Cream lotion! Cream lotion’s thickness traps flea so it couldn’t move fast and it blocks flea from breathing. So every time I saw one, I tapped a bit lotion, and that was it. I could  easily pinch it out and squeeze it to its finality. I made sure that.  Thank you, Nivea! I did use Nivea body lotion for that purpose.

That cream lotion turned flea-extermination into something easy and satisfying. Maybe I will speak some harsh truth here, it will serve the purpose to remind everyone of us, that our weakness is our enemy’s advantages.. Within the five puppies, rainbow had most fleas, almost 200 of them, karma had around 100, unity has some, but energy and maya didn’t have much at all! (It really saves you when you are careful and clean.) It was a very surprising discovery and that is why I remembered the number so well. And their later destiny really confirmed my initial discovery… but I guess I would just speak so much here.  Though I was very proud that none of them had any flea problems ever since.

Now I will speak more of the background of fleas, and why they have anything to do with Warren buffet.

You see, everyone already knew Warren Buffet is this 4 year old nasty old man. And I had first hand experience with him when he was in this particular Hong Kong mental ward, the name should be Ward L9! It really is no ordinary mental ward…

Did I mention I had a psychic surgery there. And yes, in that mental ward, because everyone’s psychic energy got so powerful, I started to have this visionary shamanic power. ( I suspect other people can see it as well, but I didn’t ask.) In many new age circles, people talk about visual aura stuff, like colors of our energy.. but what we had in that ward is way way beyond.

I didn’t exactly remember how it happened, it was like I started to see things not exactly there, but somehow you see .. it certainly was not hallucination, because I saw them day after day and I see how they develop. And I knew the reason why they were there. The ward was a very much sealed space,  typical Hong Kong setting… Because the energy can not go in and out, it developed on its own… I saw the room started to have black wines everywhere, leaves, tendrils and everything, like the jungle stuff, things draping from the ceiling,  along the wall. But I believe it was somebody else who discovered the vines on the floor and passed the message to me… The vines on the floor were more like black pipes, and the floor was covering with more and more of them. I grew curious and followed these pipes, and I found out all the pipes went to a certain person sitting in a wheelchair. Actually a she, but you know gender is nothing in spiritual term.

It was a shocking discovery, a guy sat there all quiet by himself, very common thing, and yet he was quietly sucking everyone’s spiritual blood like that, it was worse than any horror movie you saw in Hollywood, so the pipes were actually blood suckers.. it moves exactly like octopus arms, very powerful and very flexible, and I could even see how the color changing from fresh red color to black along the way…  so I cut all his sucker pipes with my psychic energy sword… it is like this, you concentrate all your heart and mind and body on the blade of your palm, and slice down as hard as you can. Not only had I cut them off, I had to seal all his pipes from growing back by setting up this psychic wall around him! (When the pipes couldn’t reach out, it turned to its own owner,  it wasn’t pretty to look at the scene, but when everything was settled, I saw a naked person over a pool of blood, muttering to himself over and over, what was shame, what was shameless, he hasn’t even learned what Eva and Adam knew Genesis ago.) And he wasn’t the only one who had this sucker pipes, there was also a female. I saw so vividly how its sucker pipes sucking on the floor and lifting up and sucking again, and in the meantime looking for any possible targets, the female pipe version was shorter though, didn’t reach out so far off…. and that female lay eggs every a few steps while its blood sucking pipes trailing along… I was wondering how evolution can push life into something so extreme and so scary!! And I didn’t just wondering loud, I told anyone what I saw right there out loud! I didn’t care what people think. Maybe we all saw that, really! And after that, I notice the vines, leaves, tendrils in the ward became pretty colorful.

Actually, that blood sucking pipe type, is the leech person I talked about sometime ago. Isn’t it the same design?!

Now I will go back to Warren Buffet the wicked wizard. Because I was really shocked of that discovery, I paid very close attention to everyone’s visual energy sign. Some people’s are very beautiful, they have this giant white wings on their back, exactly like X-men, the movie. One girl had a flying little cobra with her. Another lady had a flowering lotus on her head, though I later found out it was a bad sign, a sign of sacrificial poison. Maybe some other day I will talk about it. It was a very complex issue.

Yes, and I saw that 4 year old thing, though I didn’t see anybody, it was all a giant size bone, a typical leg bone in appearance, but as big as a person, standing erect, and on top of that, a human head sticking out. And here is the scary part, all over that giant bone, crawls densely packed little red ticks, you know the bug that doesn’t move fast, but would make your hair stand right up just by looking at its flat body crawling along…. so that is how that 4 year old sucks blood, by spreading its numerous little blood suckers…  they are slow, but much much harder to get rid of once they are on you…

I could never imagine such terrible thing even in my worst dream. I feel really quite sad, just by looking back at those scenes…  How could some spirits develop into such scary creatures!

But the lucky thing of it all, was that I didn’t see any other types of scary blood  suckers…. so basically we have these two kinds of life vampires..

And now you can see the connection between the fleas in my room and that Warren Buffet wizard… I suspect when I finally caught that lizard wizard, it resorted into its real spiritual form  to continue its attack on me… and I think he is much more careful not to let me catch him this time…. but you know what, even if I can not, somebody can, and we will find that help to fish you again, Warren Buffet! I haven’t be able to see a single flea yet, but still I am very confident, despite all the non-stop biting, even this very moment! So let all us witness who is the winner this round!

I didn’t want to speak out all this ugly truth last time, I guess I just can not be as nasty as them vampires, but now I just don’t care anymore… enough is enough, and now we will see what is going to happen, I am sure the mouse is not exactly happy to host those blood sucking billion-billonnaires….

Oh, I guess I can mention some other thing, there is one Warren Buffet out there exactly like the one I met in the hospital ward, it is in slab city, a place I am very interested now and a place very capable in its own right. Slab city has more YouTube channels than a lot of actual city. Anyway, in every community, we have the same types of people everywhere. Watch how that dressy Grandpa falls on the ground in the video, it is his standard 4 year old must-do! He was funny in the video, but unfortunately you pay a great price for that!

A True, Alive Psycology of 8 years Old, Psychic Surgery and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

It has been a while away from my C&C coven. I actually wrote a few things, but decided not to go on here. You see, I wrote for a spiritual purpose.  You own thoughts alone is already energy, and that energy is constantly spreading over the entire universe, in a way, a living radio transmitter. When you put it into words, that thought energy gets stronger and becomes permanent. When you put that thought into actual speech or let it go online, it is just another level of effort to intensify its loudness. But it is true, when you actually read it or hear it, that message goes to your head, otherwise, it just goes to your subconsciousness. You are not aware of it, but your actions are fully responsive to it.  Like this saying, you do, but you don’t know why you have done!

For that reason, I decided to put something online, some other thing I keep to myself, and visitors or not, the message is loud and effective enough, and I would rather prefer not so loud as match that “star” attractions, get the message out is my duty, but being a star attraction is the most annoying side effects of that!

All right, this time my message is about my own, but not for just my own.  The case like me will be more and more and it helps everyone really.

Before I start, I would mention a bit of that lizard wizard in the previous chapters. Let me just say we had given him a very good lesson, though he is still going on, as a 4 naughty years old  would do, but I rather not to pay too much attention to him.  I have more things to take care!

You see, just from the title, you can guess some idea of my state of situation. I am a 8 years old in a body not quite there yet, remember the movie: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, I believe with this evolution progress, I will be that a truly 8 year sold, inside and out.  For now, my heart is 8 years old, my mind, is actually like 100 years old, considering how much I had went through, and my body, is somewhere in between adult lookalike and child.

But then I am only at the beginning of my 8 year old life adventure. My heart is always very young, but my mind, before I went through a magical psychic surgery, was like an adult someway. Hi la, without that magical psychic surgery in that metal hospital ward, I wouldn’t be so happy, I wouldn’t be so carefree, and I wouldn’t be so full of life, as I am now! By the  way, that psychic surgery is a very private, very off the official channel, very soul serious procedure.  And very few people are capable of. I can do it, and there is only another soul in this word can do it! As for all the internet legends stuff, you’d better believe what I said, to keep your soul and your life , from being a permanent zombie!

Psychic energy is like any other energy, it can serve a function! Psychic energy is soul energy, when people place more trust in you, you have greater psychic energy, and if you know how to use it, it is like the laser sword from star wars, but only more versatile, you can wield with your whole arm like a giant sword, or you can direct it with your finger as a perfect surgery lancet. So that is how it can be done.  You can’t just imagine it out, it has to be accumulated through trust, aka your karma, impossible to fake, so far as I know….

Anyway, enough of the details of psychic lancet. So I requested this surgery, my intention was to remove some part of painful memories in my head… like trauma, like nightmares,… things you rather forget completely…. so we decided, of course we met resistance, but we succeeded. And what a magical thing, we did at night when the whole ward was asleep, and the very next morning, I felt so happy, so light, so bouncy, it was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me!!!!

And then, I found I was seeing the world from a completely different perspective. Like suddenly, I can understand things I couldn’t understand before, you know, the childish stuff… Grown ups laugh at silly things they have no clue as childishness, I don’t laugh, but I am just same clueless, but ha, now I see the clue… You see, in the mental ward, we jut have this strange girl, she rarely talks to anyone, but she always have a smiling face without any apparent funny thing happening. I always wondered?

Now I got it, she is actually a 9 year old. (Is she permanent? I don’t know, maybe she had it done  or she is just naturally this way.) That is why she is happy. Children and adults don’t see the same thing as funny. That’s all! And I came to realize I am 8 years old, because kids are very very sensitive to age difference. A year difference in child is like a decade difference in adult. Do you know that?

Now I am telling everyone that no psychological book could ever be able to tell you, so far. Adult scientists work from observation is just not like someone who is experiencing it. Maybe I can tell your a bit more of the psychic surgery first, somehow it didn’t really remove the actual memory, but it wiped out the emotional trauma feelings associated with it, so when I think about the past, I don’t have that old hurting-to-the-bottom-of-my-heart kind of feeling, the feeling now is mild, it is in the past tense, and it is like I watch the old pain from a distance, detached. I wonder how the other people doing right now, I mean the few who went though the surgery like me. I did it for some other people after mine. As for the person who did it for me, I had no idea of her records. But she is an excellent medical professional.

So, let me tell everyone what I am going through, and it would help them to deal with me, good way or bad way.

8 years old is a very special milestone in human life development. The most important thing is that it is the very last age of innocence. From 9 years old, child starts to have slight physical development towards adult, like that dreadful word “pu…” something, I doubt you could detect from outside yet, maybe, but psychologically, I can tell, I knew them start to be aware the gender difference in a new light, aka, the realization of physical attraction… or more in a bold way, sexual awakening. But it is ever so subtle, like birth, nobody knew she/he is alive on their own unless much later, but people around knew the baby is alive…  that is somewhat my feeling of this thing, maybe when someone turns 10,12, they finally realize it…. You see, as a 8 years old, I must look up to 9 years old. It is the rule. Kids always ask their older peer what to do when in doubt. But at the same time, we always have critical eyes for everything. (8 years old needs evidence to fully respect someone.) As 8 years old,  I sense that feeling of 9 years old, but 8 years old doesn’t have that physical attraction development, on the contrary, is very aversive to it. (Is it same as boys, very possibly.) Because, it feels so old, so grown up!

Physical attraction and attraction is very very very different thing.  Children attract to a lot of things, including opposite sexes, but that is liking, and it has nothing to do with physical stuff. You see, even a 4 years old girl can get jealous if I talk to her favorite boy friend, then she is jealous if I talk to her girl friend too much, and next her new toys. So you see the difference.

OK, maybe it has to do with this special love feeling when you gets old…. so you know girls when she is 9 years old, she starts to think about love… but for me, 8 years old and younger, that kind love thing is just so remote, and so peculiar, it does not interest me, though I am interested in who is into it! A lot of people are suspicious of this fact. How could you?! That special love thing, it drives every adult, man and woman, mad!!! They are so crazy, so mad, books, movies, songs, poetry of every kind are so full of it, people literally would die for it!! And it has no appealing, absolutely no appealing to a adult-like kid, like me?! Well, it is absolutely true. Kids who are younger than 9 years old are this way, all history. And it is not like some demeanor lady, pretends to be proper. Test as you may!

It is because our bodies do not have that magical physical reactions to that love feeling. We don’t feel it, not at all! I knew some certain ones are trying, very hard, but it is just a dead end! Because I had went through that myself so many times, so that I am happy to report that I am able to get rid of that longing for LOVE thing! I believe when the body grows, the heart and mind starts to have new feelings, especially that feeling to find someone special.. someone exclusive, just for myself, just for someone alone… and it could get all so consuming, all so powerful, it became everything a grown up could think of…. I went through it all so I knew, but now I didn’t even exactly knew why I had done it…  why it was all so important, why it was all so intense, I was actually still looking for that stupid love right before I had my psychic surgery, and boom, I just lost that desire then. I really couldn’t explain why I had been in such a crazy state of mind to chase after that thing, so pointless, for so long!!!!!!!!!

Now I laugh at myself for that old silliness. You see, I have a heart of 8 years old, but am still in possession of all that past experience. I am very lucky indeed!

A lot of people, good humored or in a mean way, really tested me a lot on that. But really, it is time to face up to the new age reality…..

A 8 years old , like that infinity sign, is capable of things that no adults could imagine, she is in command of all the younger kids, we can communicate with each other with perfect telepathy… you see, kids are not so verbally skillful, so they compliment this language deficient by telepathing. And we can hear adults’ thought loud and clear, and we do a lot of discussion within ourselves by telepathing, right in their face… in some way, children of innocent age regards people who want to have that sort of adult love as strange or worse, monsters (mostly men), because we are not capable of understanding why they are so, it is strange, it is gross, it is to be avoided at all cost! One reason I think maybe is that exclusiveness, or so called faithfulness, that is very strange… children’ mind is so everywhere, it is like prison to think you need to be tied up with someone else, especially someone you don’t have much respect with. Girls under 8 have not a lot respect for boys. Don’t you agree?!

Second, that physical attraction is very strange to kids… that is why some naughty boys like to play kissing games, it is not because they like it, but because it is offensive…

Honestly, I think the adult love story is really very boring, and very selfish!  But I guess that is a child view of things. I was sure used to think love story was very charming and fascinating. You see, from all the past evolution, we have to rely on that love story to keep life going on, it is just now we are in a new stage of evolution,  you see, you just can’t possibly die any more, one of your body dies, but you have all so many bodies still going on…  what is the point in such a hurry passing your genes for some new little ones….

I couldn’t speak for anyone else, but I feel like I am living in a different age, not just the simple age sense, but more broad, like I am living in an animated world, I actually had this vision more than 8 years ago… in this world, everything moves at the speed of light, and you never dies, never ages, good or bad, like the roadrunner and the silly wolf, we are on and on and on all over again, life, is for a laugh, along some good lesson… of course, if you prefer, paint a new face for yourself.

I can tell there are people feeling sad and lost, they prefer the old, familiar time, like things supposed to be, but, that is your wish, and you can go on with your wish, but you can’t stop other people choosing their new kind of life….

Now somebody refers to Peter Pan, but we are actually in an age way way more interesting than Peter Pan’s time, don’t we already have so many animation worlds to choose from?! Rather than just one neverland?! Well, good luck, all your grow up folks there, I sure hope you find your love, but what about his other bodies?!

And I, myself, am very happy, just as I like, as a girl 8 years old, fearless, full of imaginations, (excludes that perfect love I used to imagine), I actually find love everywhere, and they are all very interesting, but I have no obligation to be exclusive, faithful, or whatever, it is such a tedious, boring, suffocating duty, good intention, but really out of date!! In my opinion!! My love, is love for friendship, love for life, and love for adventure!

Oh, someone wants me to add this, you can not possibly defeat a young child, really, they are full of life, full of hope (or more precisely hopefulness) and energy, they are just optimistic in nature, if you think in that old adult way, pile  on worries, concerns, fears to distress them, you are going to be very very disappointed… I can testify that for everyone, future, is a very very remote, far away place for young kids, we don’t concern it at all! That is a major why we don’t need to find that silly someone to support us for the rest of our life!!!  I don’t have parents, but I have find welfare community… it is even better!!!

All right, I can just go on and on, I wonder if that is another characters of a 8 years old? So I am just going to stop here, not sure if that is a proper end but  until next time then!

Thank you!

Live Update 3: Locate the Nasty Soul of that Warren Buffet in Lau Fau Shan , Hong Kong! – I found it!!

Well, I am not sure how to start this one, because I already have been wide awakening in my little bed, thinking, discussing, laughing, (occasionally) for a long time.

Have you watched Gibli’s “the secret world of Arrietty”, I watched the french version one, french is really the best match for the story, my french is extremely limited, but I understand just as well, I felt french is more expressive in animation than English. It’s kinda strange, I like English, but English somehow doesn’t sound right for animation, like adult trying hard to be perky and the end of the tone is just not right to the ears.  Have you noticed how colorful and how packed is her room decoration! I like it so very much! I couldn’t have the giant green leaves though, but I have kawaii pictures, boxes, toy cartoon characters everywhere just the same, and they all can talk to me, especially la petit prince, a park avenue princess model (in a very glossy commercial), of course, smiling french gourmande girl, and everywhere you look, doraemon robot cat, he has an alter ego too, (I am sorry if you get confused,  but doraemon can have another body as well), a ninja cat swinging his sword just on my window sill outside.  I have a little bit more to tell, le petit prince and supermodel princess like looking at each other, and I was the unintentional cupid! I though petit prince was somebody else before, but because he always gave me a frown look, so I finally got it! 🙂

Anyway, this early morning, I found a little lizard crap next to my tea cup, I instantly knew that was the work of that nasty Warren Buffet, you know, Warren Buffet in a little lizard, a lizard wizard! He did it yesterday as well. The message is very clear! He is challenging me!

This is not something new to me, because I stay in my room most of the time, most of the nasty spirits chose little animal bodies so that they can get into my room to continue our battle of justice vs wickedness. Lizard is the biggest they can easily sneak in.

4 years ago, I saved a little gecko, ( I prefer call nice ones gecko ) from a glue fly trap,  and I was so upset at who did this to him that I lost my work in that aforementioned charity place, I still remember somebody rolling her eyes because of my justice for a little gecko. That was the time when I started to learn human soul could live in a little gecko as well.  People learn things fast, now the bad ones all know using lizard for no good.

This is a long story can go on in itself, but let me try brief it. The lizards in my room don’t have good energy,  don’t sound nice and always leave their crappy things at the strategic place, slowly you got fed up, and in the end, I finished two.. Looking back, the first one was Bob Smile, second goes the fat one, so you know who, I didn’t kill her though, just some sharp lessons. Warren Buffet looks smaller in size, judging from its crap! And Much more sneaky, never showed up, only noise from some crack.  And I didn’t make the decisions by myself either, it is our decision, our means everyone who live in my room through proper manners.

You see, fighting with wickedness, it is not just fight with some(human)body, the battle field is more often in little format like this. So when you saw I was fighting them in the hospital, public space, we already had fought numerous times in tiny scales.  The significance is just the same! I should say “we” fight with wicked ones, but good people mostly prefer to be invisible fighters, and I am more like a poster child face, to be honest, my own fighting skill isn’t exactly very good, very so so, somebody chides in. I guess it is true. But I am very good at listening to good advices.  My fight is like a coached up fight, but you couldn’t see or hear my coaches…

Anyway, Warren Buffet, the lizard wizard made 3 rounds of noise. I used their old tricks 4 years ago for themselves in this battle. It worked for the fat lady, but not this Buffet, not yet. So I tripled my glue traps. And you now what, when lizard wizard make his third round noise, we found a better idea than their glue trap, we found “Tiger Balm”. Lizard wizard was doing his voodoo trick, you know, clenching your fists, squeezing your brows, and screaming in your head cursing thing, I did get some headache, so naturally we find tiger balm, and we will use it to kick out lizard wizard… wicked things do not like beautiful or healing smells, aren’t good people smarter?! So I applied my authentic Thai tiger balm on all the possible gaps, cracks I would suspect, and you know what, when I closed on this one gap, hmmm, I can just sense some dark energy spewing out, he is hiding here, now let me give you a full power tiger balm offensive!!!!

Hi-la! Not long after, I can almost see this wizard lizard trying super hard to witch his voodoo, and the tiger balm always breaks his blow, what a hilariously funny thing to watch! After a few moments, maybe while we good folks are talking, this wizard lizard warren buffet finally confessed his true identity…  he is one we had been together for 1 month and half in a mental hospital ward before I moved to Lau Fau Shan. And don’t we all know who he is!

I don’t even know how to describe Warren Buffet at this moment!!! Long Sigh! He sure does look like a grown up old man, with glasses on and everything, but his spiritual identity, is one eternally 4 year old naughty child you just can’t teach anything! And he has been taught the hardest lessons every night by the nurses! I felt pity for this old kid man! It is pointless even to be angry with him, maybe some child psychologist specialist should explain what a four year old typically behave!

Anyway, so I have located Lau Fau Shan warren Buffet, as for the human version, it is just not important anymore, once you lost interest, that 4 year old Warren Buffet is going to asking you to play with him.

I am a little bit dizzy writing so much without proper food and rest, so I will explain more later! As for what to do with Warren Buffet, he is a 4 year old in a 60/70/80 year old body, he is extremely dangerous, but only because you have cracks in your spiritual defense system, please learn from a nice and experienced psychiatric nurse of what to do! Thank you!

Finished 3PM 10.23.2015