Live Update 3: Locate the Nasty Soul of that Warren Buffet in Lau Fau Shan , Hong Kong! – I found it!!

Well, I am not sure how to start this one, because I already have been wide awakening in my little bed, thinking, discussing, laughing, (occasionally) for a long time.

Have you watched Gibli’s “the secret world of Arrietty”, I watched the french version one, french is really the best match for the story, my french is extremely limited, but I understand just as well, I felt french is more expressive in animation than English. It’s kinda strange, I like English, but English somehow doesn’t sound right for animation, like adult trying hard to be perky and the end of the tone is just not right to the ears.  Have you noticed how colorful and how packed is her room decoration! I like it so very much! I couldn’t have the giant green leaves though, but I have kawaii pictures, boxes, toy cartoon characters everywhere just the same, and they all can talk to me, especially la petit prince, a park avenue princess model (in a very glossy commercial), of course, smiling french gourmande girl, and everywhere you look, doraemon robot cat, he has an alter ego too, (I am sorry if you get confused,  but doraemon can have another body as well), a ninja cat swinging his sword just on my window sill outside.  I have a little bit more to tell, le petit prince and supermodel princess like looking at each other, and I was the unintentional cupid! I though petit prince was somebody else before, but because he always gave me a frown look, so I finally got it! 🙂

Anyway, this early morning, I found a little lizard crap next to my tea cup, I instantly knew that was the work of that nasty Warren Buffet, you know, Warren Buffet in a little lizard, a lizard wizard! He did it yesterday as well. The message is very clear! He is challenging me!

This is not something new to me, because I stay in my room most of the time, most of the nasty spirits chose little animal bodies so that they can get into my room to continue our battle of justice vs wickedness. Lizard is the biggest they can easily sneak in.

4 years ago, I saved a little gecko, ( I prefer call nice ones gecko ) from a glue fly trap,  and I was so upset at who did this to him that I lost my work in that aforementioned charity place, I still remember somebody rolling her eyes because of my justice for a little gecko. That was the time when I started to learn human soul could live in a little gecko as well.  People learn things fast, now the bad ones all know using lizard for no good.

This is a long story can go on in itself, but let me try brief it. The lizards in my room don’t have good energy,  don’t sound nice and always leave their crappy things at the strategic place, slowly you got fed up, and in the end, I finished two.. Looking back, the first one was Bob Smile, second goes the fat one, so you know who, I didn’t kill her though, just some sharp lessons. Warren Buffet looks smaller in size, judging from its crap! And Much more sneaky, never showed up, only noise from some crack.  And I didn’t make the decisions by myself either, it is our decision, our means everyone who live in my room through proper manners.

You see, fighting with wickedness, it is not just fight with some(human)body, the battle field is more often in little format like this. So when you saw I was fighting them in the hospital, public space, we already had fought numerous times in tiny scales.  The significance is just the same! I should say “we” fight with wicked ones, but good people mostly prefer to be invisible fighters, and I am more like a poster child face, to be honest, my own fighting skill isn’t exactly very good, very so so, somebody chides in. I guess it is true. But I am very good at listening to good advices.  My fight is like a coached up fight, but you couldn’t see or hear my coaches…

Anyway, Warren Buffet, the lizard wizard made 3 rounds of noise. I used their old tricks 4 years ago for themselves in this battle. It worked for the fat lady, but not this Buffet, not yet. So I tripled my glue traps. And you now what, when lizard wizard make his third round noise, we found a better idea than their glue trap, we found “Tiger Balm”. Lizard wizard was doing his voodoo trick, you know, clenching your fists, squeezing your brows, and screaming in your head cursing thing, I did get some headache, so naturally we find tiger balm, and we will use it to kick out lizard wizard… wicked things do not like beautiful or healing smells, aren’t good people smarter?! So I applied my authentic Thai tiger balm on all the possible gaps, cracks I would suspect, and you know what, when I closed on this one gap, hmmm, I can just sense some dark energy spewing out, he is hiding here, now let me give you a full power tiger balm offensive!!!!

Hi-la! Not long after, I can almost see this wizard lizard trying super hard to witch his voodoo, and the tiger balm always breaks his blow, what a hilariously funny thing to watch! After a few moments, maybe while we good folks are talking, this wizard lizard warren buffet finally confessed his true identity…  he is one we had been together for 1 month and half in a mental hospital ward before I moved to Lau Fau Shan. And don’t we all know who he is!

I don’t even know how to describe Warren Buffet at this moment!!! Long Sigh! He sure does look like a grown up old man, with glasses on and everything, but his spiritual identity, is one eternally 4 year old naughty child you just can’t teach anything! And he has been taught the hardest lessons every night by the nurses! I felt pity for this old kid man! It is pointless even to be angry with him, maybe some child psychologist specialist should explain what a four year old typically behave!

Anyway, so I have located Lau Fau Shan warren Buffet, as for the human version, it is just not important anymore, once you lost interest, that 4 year old Warren Buffet is going to asking you to play with him.

I am a little bit dizzy writing so much without proper food and rest, so I will explain more later! As for what to do with Warren Buffet, he is a 4 year old in a 60/70/80 year old body, he is extremely dangerous, but only because you have cracks in your spiritual defense system, please learn from a nice and experienced psychiatric nurse of what to do! Thank you!

Finished 3PM 10.23.2015


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