I Can’t change the world, but you can change your world!

I don’t know why I have to write this one, but I felt the calling, so I just have to open my heart to speak out  the innermost truth of mine!
I knew I am special, ever since I was awaken, but I had a very humble beginning, by design or anything else,  it is something I would never forget.

And believe or not, I do regard every soul, every spirit in this universe equal in status, a little sandstone’s soul and the soul of the entire universe, not to mention solar father or mother earth, is the same equalness. Nobody needs to worship anybody else, no matter he is God or she is Gaia. We are all equal! Imagine you are the father or mother, would you like your children to respect you or worship you? I am sure God or Goddess, if they are nice and reasonable, they would agree with me.

But at the same time, equal in status does not mean we are equal in experience, equal in wisdom, equal in karma! Let us not to talk about the measurements of our property, our intelligence, our savings!

And because of all these differences, we simply all live in different world of our own, different space, different time. (We need time and space to accumulate everything else.) Don’t you think some people are still living in precivalization age, even if we were in the same mental hospital ward?!

And how can we ever change the world for everyone, there isn’t such a thing as one world, one love, everyone lives in everyone’s own little world and everyone has everyone’s own idea of love, and all this little worlds make up this one little universe, and I am sure our little universe, along infinite little other universes make up for some super-universe, and the whole thing just keeping going on, and on. And the whole procedure can go the other direction, our body is a whole lot of little worlds in molecule scale, atom scale, electron scales. Our body is one universe and a super-universe at the same time. I actually had the experience of going out of this universe while I had some salvia way way long time ago…

Some people would call it a profound experience, I would say it is just very unsettling. I watched my own room, then the earth, the solar system, getting further and further away, shrinking to some tiny tiny spot, and then the whole universe, time space the whole thing, melted into some layer of a think slab of who knows what. I was very very worried, I kept wondering how the heck I could go back, you see, my home, our universe was still there, but they were so tiny, so indistinguishable, I couldn’t even see it, how could I ever find it again?! And I was thinking our much worshiped, much magnificent knowledge of technology, science stuff, what they matter when you was stuck in such a situation?!!! I think I lost my high regard for them ever since!  And I quit salvia! (It is actually legal.) I had some fun experience, like being a cell in the body of a flying dragonfly. But I do not like leaving my home and not able to go back! Well,  maybe the current me wouldn’t be so afraid, as long as I can pack well in advance.

I was very relieved that I was still home when the salvia effects left me. It only lasted a few minutes, but in that 3,4 minutes, it is heaven and eternity in scale extra extra beyond! Don’t you think?!

You see, it is not so difficult to go beyond. It is all about your soul capacity… you care about your planet, your soul is as big as the planet, you care about the universe, you soul is as big as this universe,  it is that simple, but if you just care about your own little body, your soul is as big as your own little body.

and so it is meaningless for someone to speak aloud about how to change this world. We can certainly change our own world, but we can only assist if someone ask you to change their world. Our worlds are interconnected, like universes are interconnected, but it is about influence, rather than deciding for one another.

In the mental hospital ward, because we are in a very small enclosure place, it is very hard to avoid the inter-connective influence, but still you can try to stay further away from your perceived “negative” influence, and move closer to your perceived “positive” influence… everyone is capable of  doing that, as far as I can observe. And for me, I can fight back, but I rather choose to avoid. Location is very important, but it is not so important. Let your enemy choose! and you will find it much easier to defend your second choice location world!

You see,  it is really useless keep wishing for world peace, world harmony, world love… even world unity, if everyone wants to have it, it will come, until then, if you keep pushing it, certain rebellious souls would do just the opposite! Honestly, I don’t push for their acceptance of my faith, they pushed me for theirs. So when I say “music kicked out wickedness”, I mean I kick wickedness out of my little world, but I can’t kick wickedness out of this universe, I can’t go to their home to kick out their wicked soul and put a new cleanup-ed one for them, it is against the LAW!!! And I do agree with that law! In the meantime, I will make sure that law will stop them to dirty my clean clear soul! That is real fairness, don’t you agree?!

That is what I mean I can’t change the world, some people choose “wickedness”, that is their choice, and I understand some people are like the sheep, very vulnerable to such thing, that is why you need to learn how to protect yourself, rather than wishing the wolf or whatever change their appetite…  What about this prophecy, unless sheep can super-kick wolf’s butt, wolf won’t stop licking their tongue for mutton!  While you are working on that, choose your neighbor wisely! And choose your friend wisely! Thank you!

PS: I read one little article in Hong Kong about English grammar, like you are not supposed to say foreign country people, you only suppose to speak “correct test answer”: foreigner!  What a silly nonsense, foreign country people sounds much nicer than rigid cold foreigner!! It is quite a warm and courteous expression for people from other part of the world! Sometimes English major teachers should be grateful for learning this new, inventive foreign English!


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