A few after thoughts of last chapter

First of all, there are more reasons than we think there should be, like when my teeth got wrong, my initial reaction was because of my eating habit and I attributed it to lemon’s acidity. But it was really not the case. My teeth, is not perfect, but I always can manage. I use a eagle beak tweezers to have tooth cleaning every night. And once in a while, I use the little hook-looking metal tool, like what dentists use on teeth cleaning, to do a deeper cleaning. I use it to dig blood out. The theory is that fresh blood can rinse away stagnant elements within surface tissue and accelerate growth of fresh one.

I will talk more about lemon later. I wrote a little note for Mr.Makyo a few days ago on psybient.org. He has some mysterious nerve pain related to his hearing. And I would believe my experience is the same as his. It is definitely not because he used his ears too much, since he has been doing it all along, something as abrupt as his, has to do with something outside… I am very afraid it has to do with certain psychic poison as well. Though I can not pinpoint what it is, maybe it is because this same Warren Buffet wizard.

now I will reveal a bit of my plan how to finish this flea Warren Buffet. He has been very tricky this time, definitely a bewitched flea. But no matter. We just found out this great idea. You see, all the fleas, ticks are hiding inside his giant bone. Didi I mention there are numerous holes for the blood suckers in and out?! Because Warren Buffet’s energy is strong for now, I don’t have the means to trace the flea… but since the bone is its hiding place, it is a place we can focus on as well. You see, bones are entirely made of calcium chemicals and if you knew chemistry, it would dissolve when you add acid. And that is our plan! Isn’t lemon just have plenty of that component to finish this old nasty bone? Thank you, Mr.lemon!

So I just made some fresh lemon water and sprayed all over my body, every time, that wicked flea bites me, it would be stuck with some lemon acid particles, and it will bring that bone-melting acid back to its hiding place…. the more it bites me, the more it will destroy its hiding place. So, sooner or later, it will not have its place to hide and I can get him there and then. Warren buffet, do you and your billion dollar think stank hear this?! Go , hurry, find a new trick, you jerk!!!

And there is one more thing I want to add about Warren Buffet, I already mentioned that leech thing does not understand what is shame, Warren Buffet is the one who doesn’t understand what is wireless. Somehow his brain was stuck in 1960s. And he wasn’t able to learn anything after since his brain was forever 4 year old. I think the wireless he meant is the mobile phone. So when you read on newspaper that Warren Buffet didn’t understand new technology, he actually is telling the truth. ( He does like nakedness as well, as you can see from the video.) I am telling the very truth, too!

I laughed at him when he kept asking everyone what was wireless, but now I just detest him!!!!

Keep sucking my blood, Warren Buffet, I dare you!!!!!!!!!!!!! All right?!


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