Warren Buffet, his true spiritual identity and how to finish the flea infestation

I haven’t come to my online coven for quite a while, because things seem quite quiet, but now I finally identified that nasty 4 year old latest nasty deed, so I am here typing again, despite not having enough sleep.
Well, I couldn’t really sleep either, because that nasty wizard is going crazy here.

So first let me tell how I finally found out all this!

Around a week ago, I started to notice I had this odd itchiness, because this one morning I woke up and one of my eyelids felt weird, out of nothing at all. From my experience, I knew it had to do with something external, nothing really happened without a reason, especially when it has to do with your body.  I went through my mind all the possibilities, and I connected this weird reaction with the odd itchiness I had recently… you see, itchiness is biological poison reaction, it does not kill you, but it can accumulate in your body. Once enough in your body, it would manifest in some noticeable body damage.

I naturally thought it was someone’s black magic trick. I noticed most of the itchy spots were on my lower legs and while I was out in my little back alley garden. But I couldn’t find anything despite watching very carefully.

This week, that itchiness gets really bad,  it spreads further. At first I though it was mosquito, we do have this one super size mosquito which has this characteristic bites, the bump is not very big, but many in numbers, and often around your ankle area… I am puzzled, I haven’t had serious mosquito bites for a long while, and yesterday I got bites even when I was in the mosquito net.

While I was bothered by all the itchy bites, my teeth suddenly fell apart. Not just one, two!! I was worried, maybe because I drink too much lemon tea,  eat too much biscuit, and it finally caught on me…

While I was having all this mental debate, I guess somehow I lost my original awareness… and this morning, I woke up because the intense itchiness that I just had to say enough is enough.  I had like 2 hours sleep. I went to bed at 6am! (I was watching Nils, his wondrous adventure and rainbow gathering!)

After examining, I found both my ankles are full of red bite marks, then it came to me that these are flea bites… you see, fleas are so tricky, a lot of time you mistake its bite for mosquito or bed bugs…

And then everything starts to make sense. I know when and how the fleas got into my room… I have a few mouse neighbors.. sometimes this big boy one came to my garden for some snacks, I believed the fleas somewhat chose to jump out and stayed there, and that was why I had this itchy ankles in the beginning, and that is also why I later had them in my room, started from occasional bites to infestation now .

And I really knew why my teeth went wrong, it is not because of my lemon tea, it is not because of my biscuits.. I had them for a long time and I always manage everything quite well, it is the flea poison.  First it tested on my eyelids, and then it targets my teeth. I think my eyes too. Internal poison makes you age, and age faster, don’t overlook them!!

I am very very angry at this point, and I knew who is behind these nasty flea bites as well, but I will talk about that late in detail. Though You already knew who that is from the title.

Luckily, I have superb experience dealing with fleas.. (while I am typing, that nasty wizard is calling his flea poison to attack my fingers, just so that I knew his power.)

I first encountered terrible flea attacks way way back when I was in San Francisco, it was horrible, oh, right before my soul found my body! That nasty wizard gargamel! I moved out that time, not yet learned how to fight.

The second time happened when I was traveling in Dali, China, in a hostel with many rainbowers. It was by accident that I finally realized the flea infestation, same like this time. I believe that flea wizard has this mental power to stop you from suspecting it.

I wrote about it somewhere about that experience. Because it was almost impossible to spot a flea, not to mention catching it, so I devised this idea to sit in the middle of the room everyday around 6 pm, (I notice mosquito has the same biological schedule for bloodsucking as well.)  without much clothes on, like a mediating practiser. Yes, around that time, I literally saw fleas jumping from wherever the invisible places heading for me, the light colored stone floor helped me a great deal, since the flea couldn’t landing properly on the hard floor, and they staggered, so that was the moment(only moment) I could pinch them, “all die!!”…  I didn’t remember how many I killed, but I had to sit like that for a week, finally, the fleas died away.  It was very strange feeling, I was the blood trap and seeing these little vampy creatures jumping all over me, it was very spooky yet exciting,  exciting because I am determined not to loose that battle.

And soon later I had this opportunity to raise five puppies because I was somewhat in love, how silly I was then, but I didn’t regret raise them… I gave them very lovely and profound names, they were unity, karma, energy, rainbow and maya, unity was the oldest.  when I first adopted them from their natural home, some of them were so full of fleas, it was scary to look at… but you see, I wasn’t afraid of fleas anymore…  Soon I discovered a perfect way to catch these tricky, slippery blood suckers…

Fleas are notoriously hard to catch, and hard to kill, what should you do when they are running through the dense hairs of dogs? Cream lotion! Cream lotion’s thickness traps flea so it couldn’t move fast and it blocks flea from breathing. So every time I saw one, I tapped a bit lotion, and that was it. I could  easily pinch it out and squeeze it to its finality. I made sure that.  Thank you, Nivea! I did use Nivea body lotion for that purpose.

That cream lotion turned flea-extermination into something easy and satisfying. Maybe I will speak some harsh truth here, it will serve the purpose to remind everyone of us, that our weakness is our enemy’s advantages.. Within the five puppies, rainbow had most fleas, almost 200 of them, karma had around 100, unity has some, but energy and maya didn’t have much at all! (It really saves you when you are careful and clean.) It was a very surprising discovery and that is why I remembered the number so well. And their later destiny really confirmed my initial discovery… but I guess I would just speak so much here.  Though I was very proud that none of them had any flea problems ever since.

Now I will speak more of the background of fleas, and why they have anything to do with Warren buffet.

You see, everyone already knew Warren Buffet is this 4 year old nasty old man. And I had first hand experience with him when he was in this particular Hong Kong mental ward, the name should be Ward L9! It really is no ordinary mental ward…

Did I mention I had a psychic surgery there. And yes, in that mental ward, because everyone’s psychic energy got so powerful, I started to have this visionary shamanic power. ( I suspect other people can see it as well, but I didn’t ask.) In many new age circles, people talk about visual aura stuff, like colors of our energy.. but what we had in that ward is way way beyond.

I didn’t exactly remember how it happened, it was like I started to see things not exactly there, but somehow you see .. it certainly was not hallucination, because I saw them day after day and I see how they develop. And I knew the reason why they were there. The ward was a very much sealed space,  typical Hong Kong setting… Because the energy can not go in and out, it developed on its own… I saw the room started to have black wines everywhere, leaves, tendrils and everything, like the jungle stuff, things draping from the ceiling,  along the wall. But I believe it was somebody else who discovered the vines on the floor and passed the message to me… The vines on the floor were more like black pipes, and the floor was covering with more and more of them. I grew curious and followed these pipes, and I found out all the pipes went to a certain person sitting in a wheelchair. Actually a she, but you know gender is nothing in spiritual term.

It was a shocking discovery, a guy sat there all quiet by himself, very common thing, and yet he was quietly sucking everyone’s spiritual blood like that, it was worse than any horror movie you saw in Hollywood, so the pipes were actually blood suckers.. it moves exactly like octopus arms, very powerful and very flexible, and I could even see how the color changing from fresh red color to black along the way…  so I cut all his sucker pipes with my psychic energy sword… it is like this, you concentrate all your heart and mind and body on the blade of your palm, and slice down as hard as you can. Not only had I cut them off, I had to seal all his pipes from growing back by setting up this psychic wall around him! (When the pipes couldn’t reach out, it turned to its own owner,  it wasn’t pretty to look at the scene, but when everything was settled, I saw a naked person over a pool of blood, muttering to himself over and over, what was shame, what was shameless, he hasn’t even learned what Eva and Adam knew Genesis ago.) And he wasn’t the only one who had this sucker pipes, there was also a female. I saw so vividly how its sucker pipes sucking on the floor and lifting up and sucking again, and in the meantime looking for any possible targets, the female pipe version was shorter though, didn’t reach out so far off…. and that female lay eggs every a few steps while its blood sucking pipes trailing along… I was wondering how evolution can push life into something so extreme and so scary!! And I didn’t just wondering loud, I told anyone what I saw right there out loud! I didn’t care what people think. Maybe we all saw that, really! And after that, I notice the vines, leaves, tendrils in the ward became pretty colorful.

Actually, that blood sucking pipe type, is the leech person I talked about sometime ago. Isn’t it the same design?!

Now I will go back to Warren Buffet the wicked wizard. Because I was really shocked of that discovery, I paid very close attention to everyone’s visual energy sign. Some people’s are very beautiful, they have this giant white wings on their back, exactly like X-men, the movie. One girl had a flying little cobra with her. Another lady had a flowering lotus on her head, though I later found out it was a bad sign, a sign of sacrificial poison. Maybe some other day I will talk about it. It was a very complex issue.

Yes, and I saw that 4 year old thing, though I didn’t see anybody, it was all a giant size bone, a typical leg bone in appearance, but as big as a person, standing erect, and on top of that, a human head sticking out. And here is the scary part, all over that giant bone, crawls densely packed little red ticks, you know the bug that doesn’t move fast, but would make your hair stand right up just by looking at its flat body crawling along…. so that is how that 4 year old sucks blood, by spreading its numerous little blood suckers…  they are slow, but much much harder to get rid of once they are on you…

I could never imagine such terrible thing even in my worst dream. I feel really quite sad, just by looking back at those scenes…  How could some spirits develop into such scary creatures!

But the lucky thing of it all, was that I didn’t see any other types of scary blood  suckers…. so basically we have these two kinds of life vampires..

And now you can see the connection between the fleas in my room and that Warren Buffet wizard… I suspect when I finally caught that lizard wizard, it resorted into its real spiritual form  to continue its attack on me… and I think he is much more careful not to let me catch him this time…. but you know what, even if I can not, somebody can, and we will find that help to fish you again, Warren Buffet! I haven’t be able to see a single flea yet, but still I am very confident, despite all the non-stop biting, even this very moment! So let all us witness who is the winner this round!

I didn’t want to speak out all this ugly truth last time, I guess I just can not be as nasty as them vampires, but now I just don’t care anymore… enough is enough, and now we will see what is going to happen, I am sure the mouse is not exactly happy to host those blood sucking billion-billonnaires….

Oh, I guess I can mention some other thing, there is one Warren Buffet out there exactly like the one I met in the hospital ward, it is in slab city, a place I am very interested now and a place very capable in its own right. Slab city has more YouTube channels than a lot of actual city. Anyway, in every community, we have the same types of people everywhere. Watch how that dressy Grandpa falls on the ground in the video, it is his standard 4 year old must-do!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krjUrrpQoRU He was funny in the video, but unfortunately you pay a great price for that!


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