Live Update 2: Locate the Nasty Soul of that Warren Buffet in Lau Fau Shan , Hong Kong!

5:19PM, 10.22.2015
I had my favorite apple, kimchi, Chinese cabbage, curry powder, chicken powder, virgin olive oil all in one salad ready, put on my double layered hats, quite Mexican mayan style, I would believe, and prepared as a little hero would prepare, i.e., any minute would be pulled away by either thugs, or fake uniforms.

Here are some of my weapons:

Quote 1: In these pages and throughout our organization we have made it obligatory upon our scouts that they cultivate courage, loyalty, patriotism, brotherliness, self-control, courtesy, kindness to animals, usefulness, cheerfulness, cleanliness, thrift, purity and honor.  – Boy Scouts of America

Quote 2: Wherever there have been heroes, there have been scouts, and to be a scout means to be prepared to do the right thing at the right moment, no matter what the consequences may be.  – Boy Scouts of America

Quote 3: The motto, “Be Prepared,” means that the scout is always in a state of readiness in mind and body to do his duty. To be prepared in mind, by having disciplined himself to be obedient, and also by having thought out beforehand any accident or situation that may occur, so that he may know the right thing to do at the right moment, and be willing to do it. To be prepared in body, by making himself strong and active and able to do the right thing at the right moment, and then to do it. –  Boy Scouts of America

I am sure girl scouts have just the same principles as boys do, and this is actually a book from the turn of last century, thanks to The Project Gutenberg EBook!!!

All right, and here I go, the square is a bit empty, but, thankfully, the big fat family clan isn’t there, I walked along this square so many times before, but I am not sure this time is the same, I can felt that tense energy, though not so obvious in appearance.

I really opened my eyes, scrutinized the passers-by, from my observation, I don’t think the suspect showed up, but I didn’t really waste my time either.
First, there is a Donald Trump guy walking around exercising, is that really the alter-soul of Donald Trump, I am not so sure, so far, a look alike, needs more investigation, I actually know the alter-ego Donald Trump , (Back to the Future Biff Tannen, they sure look alike and I am sure they are the same spirit ), somebody is chopping meat loud, a little warning to me, you see, Donald Trump has many people work for him, he is not a nice guy, but not exactly as evil as Warren Buffet.

All right, let me talk a little more about him here. Donald Trump is a very restless guy type, hands on boss, can really work, but not much brain, intensive labor work is his strength, not very nice to his employees, but give them enough to eat, spiritual fulfillment, forget it!! Very egocentric, so he is not exactly on a very friendly term with Warren Buffet, but when things get dire, Warren Buffet needs any “allies” he can get! I doubt his employees would like him elected as president though, (they are quite faithful to him, security and full stomach, even if they don’t really like him, let’s not talk about sexual harassment!), white house has no place for ex-employees. 🙂

Anyway, obviously Warren Buffet and his brainsack Omaba sold him some very enticing perspectives, so as made him jump out for American president dream! It is a dream all American boys supposed to dream about, well, I wouldn’t say very wise, good intention though.

OK, another observation is an aged woman, stubby type, dressed quite formal, not so ill-taste, but nothing special, she walked in a quite rigid formal pace as well, but her energy is weird, not exactly an ordinary country woman folk, there is that kind of nervousness, give you the feeling that she is on some unspeakable mission, and her expression, there is something very empty, very void in her face, like she has this long habit of ignoring a lots of things happened in her life… and a slightly square face, all of that , reminds me that she would be Warren Buffet’s woman type, very inconspicuous, so as not to draw any attention to her or him, basically just a facade, in exchange for some empty big house to spend her empty, void life.  Think about it, that old man from Oliver Twist, with his slyness, his acute opportunistic sense, his sheer manipulation of greedy, stupid thugs, his vast underworld connections, you wouldn’t be surprised he would do super super well in a place like Wall street, indeed, many places around world, in a current atmosphere of worshiping money over conscience, worshiping ill-power over self-duty!!

And another thing accomplished, I made my announcement! When I give some intense attention to this one guy walking along two chefs I already knew,  his companions joked about it,  and I just answered very straightforwardly, “hi-la, you are right!” And I told them all about my intention! That is my style, Japan Mexican chilly pepper style!

Oh, I heard many little innuendos, this one is the big shot, that one is the big shot, they particularly pointed finger at some person I already knew, a quite popular business family, low profile in general but quite high in business circle,  Warren Buffet certainly understands all that wizardry very well to do such a trick. Well, I am not that easily being fooled, setting innocent people up, double-crossing, well, so I just knew they are the people I should give more respect! The people Warren Buffet wants to frame up is the one we should respect, isn’t the right logic?!

All right, things are developing and I couldn’t wait to see that Lau Fau Shan(basically meaning flowing floating mountain, more like little slopes to me) Warren buffet, to be honest, I think I already saw him before, because such a deep and nasty evil creature couldn’t really hide his smell, his energy is very peculiar, but he disappeared very fast before I could pay proper attention. If you want to search him, don’t pay too much attention to slyness, sneakiness, pay attention to super super! Sly sneaky guys are quite common, but super super kind, is really different thing!!
Finished 6:12PM


Live Update: Locate the Nasty Soul of that Warren Buffet in Lau Fau Shan , Hong Kong!

3:27 PM 10.22.2015

I didn’t even woke up and I was alarmed by this very loud and very thrill voice of a familiar figure, that burly black zombie guy, he is a mostly easily being infected zombie symptom kind. He himself has no energy or substance, but once there is some eternal force pumped in, like a balloon with a scary face, it pops up once more time.. He is talking to one of many neighbors I have, (I certainly live in a very complicated very densely packed neighborhood.). The subject, mostly, is where to get money, where to get money, and how much I have get money, that is stuff more than obvious, some adults stuff in the between I can only guess, basically, two of the most eager and the most superficial type, so it is not a surprise! Considering what I just published last night, I can see who is the origin behind such a commotion, and who their target is.

I decided to find out who that big mafia boss of theirs is, aka, Warren Buffet, Oh, myyyy!, that bully is extremely aggressive towards me, I like you, I go with you, you don’t talk to me, you mental, your rubbish, mixing a lot of “f” word and a lot of busy gestures down his pants, I hate to pop a lot of people’s bubbles, but that black ugly bully, his alter ego is that Belarus pint size dictator from The Telegraph news-site, blond and cute and everything, I am sure if you just look at pictures from official channel, a lot of girls won’t mind to be a girl next to a future European ruler at all!

Anyway, the reality is more fair than what it seems though, you can imagine how many girls would really fall for that behind the scene image of this pint size dark prince!! Someone wants me to interject one tidbit, we actually have another prince type here, a bit more versatile too, he has double body here, the cute fair looking one is for brief glimpse only, the lazy, sloppy one is for real deeds, (little psaya comments: keep up a pretty face is quite an energy consuming procedure, it is much more comfortable and easier to keep your natural state, i.e., in and out of the same spiritual state.)

Anyway, we actually have one person who do like this dark prince, well, I am not going to speak more of this detail, but just say we had quite a bit intense exchanges before, but this time, I say she took that bully prince away. I don’t talk more about other people’s affairs if it isn’t related to me any more.

So more follows, I am going out to the public square for the first time in many weeks, I am going to find out that hidden ugly sneaky old man, if you read Oliver Twist, you know he is super sneaky, super sly, and super cold hearted, so I will be very careful!

Finished 4:54PM

The Adventures of Tintin – Tintin In Chicago, America!

Thank you for Mr.Tin Tin and little Mr.Snowy, so the real life matched up to the anime! You must watch the show first, go on to, finish the show and come back read on!

Chicago is the mob center of America! Isn’t true that both that O thing and bama thing are from that place?! I thought that always easy-going, always smiling, always joking, black thing is weak, sorry I was wrong, he has a very white name too, “Bob Smile!”, and he is capable of “everything” but smile!!!! What a wunder couple! I am sure that twin black daughters must be the same couple! You don’t know how matchable when they play these cuty lesbian couple show! They, the bama male and female play these twin-sister double acts so well and so everywhere, don’t anyone agree?!  Indeed, gender is nothing when it comes to fool people the sneaky way!!!!

Anyway, now that we have revealed the true identities of these two nasty, sneaky bama twins, it is time to reveal the big mafia boss that they are serving. I guess I am the long distance assistant of Mr.Tin Tin, here to finalize their most dangerous live investigations.

Anyway, that big VIP mafia boss’s name is very very very well known.. He has a famous one-line sentence, everybody who is chasing money treated that line like holy mantra, it is something like when the tide is off, you find out who is naked! The first time I read it, I was thinking, what kind of ugly old man is this, talking business and he thinks about naked people!!! Very dirty imagination indeed!!!

So you know his name, Warren Buffet! Omaha, bama couple must really like to kiss his ass, don’t you agree?! Why not just omaba! It would kiss that ugly old fart Buffet’s stinky ass even harder!

Everyone waits a bit, I have more to say about this disgusting buffet thing! One million dollars to desposit to have a “special” lunch with this old ugly fart! My goody!!! Even the most expensive girl doesn’t advertise herself like that!!!! And you know what, there are just some guys, women fall for that stupid thing! But I am sure most of the guys, women are really Buffets own little gangster run-arounders!

I hope all that business people can learn some very good lesson from this “Gold finger” guru thing! Now I will speak a bit serious matter about him.
Warren Buffet’s famous investment strategy is indeed, just a super ponzi scheme, but stock market, in general, is a ponzi scheme, then a lot of boys, when they run out of swords, guns to play, they try the same adrenaline-rush stunts in stock market, the modern day gladiator arena…

Warren Buffet controlled a huge number of companies by very little money. I remember this particular one, Dairy Queen. It has a very nice name, but while it is under Warren Buffet’s control, its product is a very very cheap, cheap in every sense. Warren Buffet never intends to make the company better, stronger, it only means to suck more from the company, meanwhile pays as little as it can, basically, a boss and slave sort of relationship! There isn’t a single company under his control, has ever made any significant contribution to the society, and to the company itself.

As for its own skyhigh stock, it is even more of sheer manipulation! Most company split its stocks when the price is too high, so the ownership will spread, but Warren Buffer intentionally makes it extremely high, so very very few can have access of it, so basically, if you buy into its stock, you are in his boat, stock price, performs like that demand and supply theory, if there is very few can or dare to sell, the price can always stay the same, even in a panic sell stock market day! And just a few buy, the price would jump much higher much faster than a common stock! So basically, by manipulating his artificially inflated stock value, Warren Buffet bought out companies who have real value and real purpose! And once it started, when people are in desperate situation, they have no other means but accept his “shark loan” kind of business bargain! (It seems more companies have discovered such stock price trick!)

He likes to talk about his philanthropy, but does anybody heard this guy come out anything so special, except that naked line! His “price is too high, I can find no value” kind of whining, sounds just like that nasty old man from Oliver Twist!!! Unfortunately, when business is glorious, business is lifeline, business is everything, work hard, play hard, that hard business sort of mentality is permeating the entire society, of course wicked people are extremely happy to let you dream on and eat your hard-squeezed life to the end!

Wall street, if in the beginning it has served some good purposes, it is now really the last base for wicked things to regroup and refill up their empty stomachs! Greediness is no longer a glorious feast as it used to be, don’t you agree?! That kind of “money grow money, and you will have a nice pension for your old life and your family” speeches is completely misleading! Money doesn’t grow money at all! People plant the trees, watering them, fertilizing them, and the fruits will give them money when the season arrives… you don’t just standing there digging a hole put your money in there and hoping money will come out like fruits, hi-la! Remember The Adventures of Pinocchio, he did listen to that two wicked fox and cat and buried the coins, hoping to make his dad happy, what a good intention goes terribly wrong story because of your eagerness and your naivety.

Anyway,  I didn’t mean to “Banish” (is it that word?!) stock market, too many people are counting on it for their living and it is a necessary playground for a lot of men( a few females as well) who has no other options to shine their superiority.  But stock market is not going to stay here forever, good wishes, nice expectations, need substance to back it up, and the planet is no going to cooperate with your whatever stock market index desires!

So what is the real pension for your good pension funds? It is your karma! You live in your community, be a nice person, help others when you can, and when the times when you needs help, your karma will pay for your needs! It is that simple!!! Good karma, is your best pension no fund manager can provide and nobody can take it away from you! And you can accumulate your little karma value day after day just by a few good nice things you can do! Karma, is the money value of your heart! It would never buy you a super yacht, a super jet, a super mansion, but it will make you safe, feel secure, feel peace, feel content… I am sure people know how it feels when your heart is full and happy!

I am a bit emotional while thinking about what a valuable heart can provide for, so until next time I hear from Mr.Tin Tin, it is time to say “later”, thank you for everyone’s help and support!

Sailor Moon and Europe Migrant Crisis

I just watched some videos of this greatest event of this world, I believe its consequence is just as significant as 9/11 of 2001, was it 2001? It felt like long long centuries ago. My goody!

Is it quite ironic that this is another story of this religion versus politics versus whichever you can think of kind of thing, I had said a bit about this crisis, and I felt to speak more, but I didn’t know what to say, so I watched a little sailor moon, you know the Japan Anime, I like sailor moon very much, I guess I am kinda like sailor moon myself, but a lot of little girls would think the same way, she is brave, but she is so much more funny, which is why I like her so much…

And I watched this episode, (when it comes to spiritual things, girls are more generous than boys, you can watch all episodes of Heidi and Sailor moon, but you can’t watch a single one of anpaman, too bad!, I heard a little voice, boys need to keep a little secret weapons handy so the wicked ones can’t steal them, hmmm, that is a smart idea!)

Now let’s go back to the anime, sailor moon is actually a princess, which is not a big deal, but then I watched this one that she has this epic battle with this much older and scarier witch, and now I finally can name that nasty wichhead’s spiritual name – Beryl, like burial thing, which is quite fit its character. And that Beryl is quite busy on right now, though it is only pushing its nobody zombie heads around, but people can still have some idea who that witch is, (death) metal stuff, heavy smoke plus alcohol minus spiritual belief, somebody rebuffed this one when it just mentioned it in that “by the way”  pose. And that put it into some rest! Not ready to reveal its true identity yet, better to fool around than reveal claws! Ok, a little more hints, do you notice the user id image, there is one that looks fancy but eyes are very hollowed out and spooky, and was quite active on psybient until lately, and that is Witch.Beryl, aka the Rodelia, aka the Australia fake Rainbow “gaia”. I am sorry to say that but I am very afraid that rainbow serpent thing must be its “pet” project. More like Rainbow leech festival to me! Considering who is promoting it and who is tailgating me and my neighbor, so you know.

I felt is really some interesting testing ground, people are walking very gingerly lately, except a few closely related figures… hmmm, I think it is a good thing, i am very happy to be visible and then I certainly hooked out some hidden ugly souls out of their masks. I am very proud of myself! 🙂

If I didn’t watch this battle scene, I wouldn’t believe how nasty and how deep and how wicked is their real goal! Your wicked dream is never going anywhere but your own grave-hole! Little psaya, and sailor moon and all her friends just tell you this moment and every moment when we face off again!

Maybe I should mention this name, along with some other big names, the world actually is very small, 6 billon human beings, but I doubt there are more than 1,000 souls occupy all those bodies, the significant ones are maybe just around 50 or so, so big title, small title, makes no difference at all! Everyone actually knows everyone in this world if you can reveal their true soul identity.  But mind and soul are different things…  you need to wake up the soul before it can identify who he/she really is.  Maybe that is the part, I am most capable of.  But I am, like sailor moon, not so good at some other things other people are good at. So, we all have our own tasks and missions, deep inside our souls…

Has anyone noticed that big fat bake off thief disappeared completely out of the public space ever since my little blog published its true identity. And now there is another big fat black witchhead pops out, more heavy weight in many ways, though I am not sure about that $$$$ went along. It can bite too, and it has a name started with O, what an coincidence!! Don’t you agree? That thing certainly knows how to perform “I cares, I loves, I friends, …..” all that spiritual gadgets very well, remember that green “Gaia” witch?, and when it shows again and again tirelessly of its big and fat face on its own magzine, you know who it really loves, cares and friends….. anyway, enough of that, but there is more, that same soul goes even further, it went to Harvard law school, so that it can tooth and nail of its own rights and justice, oh, it has one easy-going, always joking, always smiling presidential husband, you know that No.1 female grows its own official organic vegetable garden(every news organization has that pictures, but don’t you dare mentioning it loves devouring beef behind the cameras.) And, it is super good at throwing all that most “in” and most “current” P.R speeches. In all, certain female type, strong in shrewdness, cool in head, and “sexy” in fashion, a 1000% modern woman supermodel type!!!! Well, you can say for sure,  when it comes to fool people, the witchhead wastes not a single opportunity to make it perfection plus perfection!

And that is why people would say, “hmm, that is the perfect definition of a real fake!”

Under the rule of that black witchead and its weak husband, certain glorious country is clearly not a bit world leader anymore. But maybe that is good news in disguise… at least it shows that witchhead couldn’t act as free as its wicked will would like.  Hopefully things will go better, I do believe the universe has a great conscience, but it doesn’t guarantee a smooth ride at all.

Anyway, now let us back to the migrant crisis, it is certainly a very dire situation, but on the other hand, it is a story of people waking up to their own destiny, I believe it would greatly change Islam for better…. what a shame?! Don’t you agree, Muslims suppose to go to Mecca for salvation, but they all chose Germany, the most advanced western country in this world, you see, their true mecca is not in Saudi Arabia, it locates in Berlin! Talk about another mega-magnitude irony!

I believe all that spiritual leaders in Muslim world must reset their Muslim identity once more…. and I am amazed by that open arms of German people! I must admit I am not as generous as German people. I believe it must have to do with their World war II history…  isn’t it a wonderful thing that we learn  our lessons and we become much better people, and we build much better nation!

Talk about me, what would I do if I was facing such a situation, I certainly wouldn’t just stand by. I had learned a lot of receiving people from rainbow gathering!!!  Most of all I would really study who is the one needs real help and who I can help with. I noticed there are many many different people mixing in this migrant river. And I would say some are not very nice type, some are very hard to read. I would make people feel welcome first, and then make a mental note of those need extra attentions, i.e, hard to read type, eager to stand out type, scary looking type (it’s not always true, but good to be cautious)… especially hard to read type, prevention is much easier, more effective than remedy, and one nasty soul can ruin everyone’s good intentions.

I would also pay extra attention to people who really need help, children and elders are naturally crying for help, but children are nicer and easier to help, some elders’ soul can be so hardened, you’d better just let them be. And I would always have such a caution before I offer my help, “Please do not hesitate to ask for my help, but please understand I might not be able to help you, always better try to help yourself more! Be more considerate to others, and others will help you more! And please bear in mind this help is temporary. When things turn better, you might need to go back to your own homeland, and please be thankful to people who help you, not just about me. We are willing to help, but we are not obliged to help!”

And then I just follow whatever necessity that flows to me and carried them along! It is not that hard, rainbow gathering can go from a few hundred to a thousand in the matter of days and it is quite a fun and exciting challenge! so I am sure this crisis could just turn out to be a miracle when we can let go of our fears and follow our conscience! After all, you might just turn out to help your own soul’s another body! But if I am not there, you wouldn’t know, and even if I am there, I do not reveal such a embarrassing thing! I am very selective when being a big mouth! 🙂

Special Announcement of a Public Evil Witchhead!

This is the real exciting moment I don’t often come across. Like you are preparing for a great battle and you just couldn’t containing that kind of unsettling emotions… it is very personal, too. Because I had been dealing with a certain evil witchhead for quite a while…

You see, Heidi is a very sharp shaman, but that doesn’t mean she is alone in this spiritual world, and she certainly attracts some very uninvited attentions, but I guess, it is invited, justice couldn’t avoid evilness, it is the inevitable, and it is clearly my coven can not be a clean and clear place until I can face off with that evilness’s current resident host, i.e, the witchhead, wickedness is not exactly one soul’s thing, but right now, it is mostly interested in that particular witch!..

Isn’t it very instant in spiritual world how things developed? I just talked about justice fight off evilness and I had to just that.

Ok. now I can reveal a bit of my battle story with a certain evil witch, oh, this is a very big splashing news too… one of the most current identities of that witch has a very big fat name currently in UK, even Daily Telegraph has to pay “proper respect” to that thing, and you know what, even the most fiercely free spirited  rainbow gathering brothers, sisters, they had paid “unsuspecting respect” for that witch and its family for quite a while. As for me, I had not only “paid” respect, I had “served” that thing unsuspectingly wholeheartedly.
Let me start the story in a more proper, easy to understand way…

You see, I deal a lot with spiritis… and spirits are not some dead, stale concept, on the long evolution road of the universe, the souls are the one evolves the fastest. So I first noticed human spirits because of this telepathy ability, then one day I was aware any living life has spirits…   and the next, I started to recognize the patten of certain souls, though the human face is different, but the behavior patten is strikingly the same, which means one single soul can have multiple bodies, like the soul surfing thing, this is mostly for soul of desperate origin, you don’t have to jump so fast if your current identity(body) is not useable… and just a year ago, I found I can communicate with machines, big big industry machines… that was when I was still in Hong Kong International Airport. So souls are very versatile beings, always exploring new territories to stay..

If you ask me how this all happened?  I couldn’t answer you, nobody tell me how. It is just when someone(something) talks to me in a friendly tone, i don’t freak out. Maybe I am just so used to all sorts of unusual things.. anyway, most of the time, friendly souls are not so eager to talk to you, you need to build trust first, slowly getting to know each other, as the wisdom says, actions speaks louder than any words… but on the contrary, spirits who have secrets can’t be revealed are very eager to strike a “friendship” with you.

So because of my experience, every time I saw a new face, I always want to find out if the soul of that person is someone I know… But I don’t push too hard, it is not polite not to give innocent people a chance to show who they are themselves….

So I had built a very friendly “friendship” with these two very “lovely” twin sisters in a mental hospital, you will see very soon why I ended up in such a place so often… and when I moved to this touristy village on the edge of Hong Kong and I promised to keep our friendly contact, like dear dear sisters could ever be….

And here I met this big fat Filipino domestic helper, with a very moody old chinese female employer, I was stuck by that Filipino’s “positive” attitude, always laughing, friendly, very quick to let you know what is right and wrong, basically, an adult version of one of the twin sisters I met. I mentioned such a fact, including all the background spiritual knowledge that I can explain. she laughed, no exactly yes or no, said something like, me, little psaya, heidi is a gift sent by God.

I like people with a positive attitude in life, and I really thought she was a friend of mine. Oh,by the way, she (they) just happened  to have two new kitties, and they are so cute, I tried my best to give anything tasty for them. And they are these very picky things!

Well, you see, I am very devoted to my friends… so when this demestic helper just happened have no cheese, I gave half of mine, and then she just happened to want some bread, could I buy for her…  the list starts to go on very long, “Am I fat? am I pretty? They are so nasty always to pick on me?!” I started become  a nanny of this domestic helper, get me some lemon, get me more cheese, get me some music, (not much a thank you, but she is so full of good news for you so that is that, it is all about her) “Can I talk?”  I waited one moment,”Don’t you know I have this news, ……?” I waited again.

Then this one day, I stated talking about some people who harassed me, “why don’t you leave then alone, you always attack this evilness thing, what is it all about, leave them alone! I had  15 years of experience to tell you!”  I was very stunned by such a turn of attitude! I had been very good friend with her for 3 month at this very small place, and she spoke about such a false statement in such a non-refutable tone!

I stood up, “thank you for letting me know, I leave you alone and we will see, who don’t leave who alone!!” That was a month and half ago.

And then how things developed was just not what I could imagine. In the beginning, I do not have more ideas of who that female really is except this very sociable twin sisters impression and that I do not want to be a friend anymore.

But I guess she really overestimated her friendly charm. I don’t ever come to her and her family again. They are the same to me but they certainly tested me with all kinds of personnel arrangements. Things appeared as normal on the surface, but the cats started to get exceptionally friendly with me, always running towards me, (a very odd bizarre behavior I must say, not exactly running towards you, just a few inches shy, and turn, like I am coming to you, but really I am not, can you understand that kind of weird complex signal? Trying very very hard, I can tell that.)  I told them, “sorry, I can’t be your friends anymore, please let us go our own way.” I am polite, but firm, even with cats. That charming cat diplomacy is very relentless, I actually softened a few times, but what surprised me was the behavior of that seemly friendly cat (a sporty one), it was never sincere, I always ended up with flea bites.

You see, after a few lessons, you learn and I stopped have any contacts with all of them… and sinister things started to happen, people seemed afraid to talk to me , especially this nice lady, we just shared a cake a day and the very next day she shut her door… they were door to door neighbors.

I realized what was going on behind my back with this so called big influential family. But it is extremely ridiculous. They are mad at me because I refuse to have this fake friendship… and the more pressure you piled on me, I am more determined no to be a victim of that fake friendship…. isn’t so?

You can not imagine that picture of certain people trying so hard to perform “this friendly gesture” in the public square, there was no subtly, there was not a single thread of sincerity…. I don’t even go out of my house very often any more.

Then this one particular night, it is September 29, Tuesday night, this particular sporty cat just ran across and hit me… ( I must say something more about cats… Cats are a very sensitive kind.. and they really have this pride in them, they wouldn’t close to you, not to mention touch you if you do not like them.. but this two cats, they are not really cats, I told them to leave me alone, and they came to my door! And I had to spit on them to let them go away… I suspected that these are two bewitched nasty cats, i.e, they are the same souls with that Filipino thing and its family, which, to me, is not a real surprise.

I talked to its carer, the domestic helper, you see I can put up with all your back stabbings, but attacking me physically, I must speak out! That female was waiting for me, (I realized it was a complete set up altogether), arguments ensured, but then a huge black burly man bumped into me and threatened to beat me.. I knew that big black burly man very well, but he was more a bully, except today the energy within him was very different from what I knew,  somebody clearly has the control of his mind, “stop…”, that Filipino female holded her arm up to stop, another threat, “beat her…?” “stop..” Double acting to the extreme.

I guess from that Filipino’s plan, (let’s just reveal its name, it is Rodelia, so not to drag all Philippine people along), by that stop gesture, I would thank for her magnanimity. But oh no, you are so underestimating little psaya, I saw very clear at that moment what an evil witch she really is, she is relentlessly pushing that zombie thug, and at same time playing such a shameless fake righteousness right in my face, you can fake your muscles, you can fake your speeches, but you can’t fake your soul at that moment, you just don’t have that power, nobody has…. so I spoke very loud in Cantonese, made sure neighbors can hear, ” Thank you for your first rate performance, Boss ban hao ren! (basically faking righteousness)”

I left the scene, I was not afraid, but I wasn’t stupid to fight in such a situation, that female is a real witch, and one really kill!

20 minutes later ,border patrol police office arrived in my door, “Show you id ad explain”, my explanation followed, “if you dare, I send you to Hospital(Mental Hospital).”, I was stunned one more time… “What is this?”, “Are you trying to help, or are you threatening me?” I looked right into that police officer’s eyes… the warning repeated two more times, “the Hong Kong law gives me the right to send you to hospital.”

“All right, if you say so! Let’s go!” Now you see, I was not a weak head, a lot of neighbors were watching, a few other police too, the one spoke to me was a supervisor type… I believe he certainly was bought up by Rodelia’s big fat family boss… I either gave in to their pressure,(i.e obedient nobody) or go Mental Hospital(like this police officer’s personal prison, no need bothering evidence or judge, his own words is law)… I didn’t think he thought I would choose to go, you see, wickedness always underestimate the intelligence of justice, …. but he couldn’t back out now… afters mental struggles as far as I could tell, he chose to bully to the end… so be it!

I packed and sent to the emergency room of this huge public hospital.. a very young doctor interviewed me, she listened to my story, looked at the two police officer accompanied me,(they are not directly related to the dispatch judgement), talked to them in a distance and let them go, then asked me if I would stay for a night in the hospital, I said yes, I wanted a clear explanation. It was 11pm of that night.

I was sent again to this very well guarded A&E ward, dragging my big package along, you see, I had very good experience staying in Mental Hospital,I was very well packaged, so you can guess such treatment by evil fake police is not something new to me. Though I must confess mental hospital is not exactly prison, and even prison is not exactly scary either. I will explain later if there is chance.

Anyway, I stayed in this quite sophisticated A&E ward, refused some blood drawing test, and just waited and waited! Most of the patients are old women, I always remember what this quite nice pretty looking lady, she refused to eat, said, “I am just waiting to die, no need to eat!” And then this nurse assistant just gave her more with a syringe. I don’t even know which side I should agree.

Anyway, back to me, this is a quite very expensive and conspicuous place to let someone play power game! I must have psychiatric assessment. “My goody, can’t we tell who is normal and who is not? Is this world turned psychiatric?” “Oh , no, we can’t, we must listen to the specialist!” A very confident female voice chirped in.

A very strange (in manner and energy) psychiatrist came in, that instant I recognized that familiar features of that Rodelia, and obviously that one does not hide either, I guess she would rather I am pissed so that she can officially declare my insanity, well, you don’t get that, I am very good at throwing barbs with a nice smile and beautiful grammars when necessary.

That thing left, without much progress, but no progress for me either, one day passed.

The second day, It is October 1, the public holiday of Hong Kong and China, their independence day, and I am in a very peculiar position. The relatives of these patients swarmed in to the ward, and I just looked on, in my own bed,a very smiling one, obviously no sickness at all!  Some of the scenes in the ward were very funny. Some are trying very very hard to impress, try this , I just made myself, try this more, ad that old woman just lay there, you can’t imagine what a great appetite is there waiting, but no matter, it is a show. They are so busy, I thought about that big fat powerful family.

Then there is some other family, the pretty looking one, not so much of this “humbug thing”(Is it right word?), but when the daughter with glasses let this stubborn lady laying next to her, back to her chest, very quiet, I was touched.

After that, some more drama happened. The so called psychiatrist specialist showed up again, pulled up the curtain, but with another patient, and every single word of hers is audible… “do you hear some voice? where is that voice? ….why you mother want to kill you?….” You can’t escape from such auditory attacks, every syllable is very sharp and full of meanings, all in a very nasty way, I don’t get angry, I just walked out!

And then somewhat I started my usual listening and commenting style, like this blog, this time my audience are everyone in the nurse station, ” why do you want to kill you? Do you want to kill you? Do you want to kill you? Are you sure you want to kill you?..” I couldn’t help shaking my head,” this is very personal conversation, in professional hospital, like Castle Peak hospital, . they keep it private.. and How can you ask patient in such way, isn’t she already very depressed? ”

Nobody said another words, a few minutes later, that particular psychiatrist slipped out, sneaked away, this time I didn’t see that proud triumph smile going along…

Then moments later, another doctor came over to me, she was at the nurse station like everyone else while we listened.  She didn’t ask me any tricky questions… I told her I knew castle peak hospital wouldn’t let me in, they told me very firmly last time.. So I knew what is to come. And I told her I do not blame the hospital, but please don’t think they should support the poclice department just because you are in the same government body… you don’t help your comrade who was wrong by  keeping that wrong going, you correct that wrong, and that, is real help!

Soon I was discharged, Without much fuss! It was still October 1, but I felt a long time has passed.

I wrote a letter, bought two quite expensive stamps, to my standard, one for the police department, one copy for the hospital authority..the content, more or less the things I am writing now, just much briefer, oh, no that spiritual stuff, there is no such need, soul or not, same kind of nasty things!

But you see, wicked souls can manipulate a lot of things, and the things you would fear the most, you want justice, it steals the uniform, you want expert opinion, it is the specialist shows up faster than anybody else! What can you do?! Well, you can fool once, for that instant, you can not fool forever, and there is always consequence for everything. Wicked things are very eager to commit wickedness, but when it comes to take the responsibility, it is no where to be found! And that is when its fake masks couldn’t last any longer…And you chance will arrive. And that, is little psaya’s lesson of  defeating wickedness!

Isn’t it a very long introduction?! Now let’s back to the original reality line. From my experience, I started to realize the characteristic of that particular witch’s soul. It is like leech, you know the blood sucking leech… If you see leech, you will find out it is not a creature shying from sucking your blood, it goes straight to you and not only hard to get rid of, it is hard to kill.. that tough, rubber-like skin, when you got panic and finally throw it away, it has sucked full and more than happy to go…  that witch is more confident than you, it demands your service, your “contribution”, basically your “obedience”…

And secondly, it is very good at faking positivity… It has very good understanding of all that positive stuff, it is not exactly something new, but how it turns positivity into its money-grabbing, blood sucking tool, that is something worth a lot of people to be aware, that includes myself! You just can’t tell until it reveals itself.

Now let’s talk about rainbow gathering. Anybody has ever been to world rainbow gathering, would recognize this “special”family from Australia, they are the veterans of rainbow gathering, in fact, before little psaya showed up, they always manage rainbow gathering’s money during the break… does it sound familiar, the female of that family is a very “demanding your attention” type, my goody, my computer gets a lit erratic, the witch I just hinted starts its black magic, no big deal! You know, the whole spiritual gadget to the fullest, huge dreadlocks, always green dresses in that Hindi spiritual guru kind, you know, Gaia there?! Not really big in size though, it must be a hard work to squeeze into that body, and with a very “bright” but “tantrum prone” daughter, oh, a very easygoing, scientific genius husband.

You had to admit their disguise is just perfect! Rainbow dislikes drainbows, who can imagine the biggest drainbow of all was the one keep the money pot!!! Talk about ironic! But it is really a great lesson for everyone to learn how tricky wickedness could be. Well, they have a lot tools to fool, very loud and mantras every other line of speech, keep clean, dig shit pit, don’t do drugs, right? you just can’t not say otherwise, I still remember that witch’s irrefutable tone and manner! I was very impressed!

But at world rainbow gathering in China,  I started to find out the conflicting behavior Patterns of this particular “prestige” family. the daughter wasn’t happy, “I don’t want to stay here, we don’t make any friends, I like  to go home having pizza.” I am not sure exactly pizza or what, but I found out they are not vegetarian at all, they eat a lot of beef at home! I was very surprised, I knew they kept the rainbow money and had no real job. Eat meat outside rainbow? Are they really this rainbow most experienced warrior type? But I couldn’t ask the mother witch, I wasn’t exactly the type she likes. I wasn’t in a position at that time like now, so much in demand. 🙂
But one thing caused the real conflict, it was about welcome center, (check out rainbow website for that name), “you don’t do this, you don’t do that, ……” it was a very small circle meeting, people were fed up with the relentless mountain leeches, some boys joked let them suck, we endure and we will grow,  I am not so sure of that, but let me finish this scene first, while the long tirade had a little break, I cut in, not exactly very nice either, “your speech isn’t very ‘welcome’ at all!” A little emphasis on that welcome! And that was that, that particular authoritative figure threw something at me, stumped away, you should know, being violent is a big no-no at rainbow gathering, but when you has certain prestige, people are ready to ignore, the husband jumped up,”how could you treat my wife so rude?” “Haven’t you seen she threw at me first?”  I wasn’t exactly in a mood for fight..

World Rainbow gathering is quite international, and it speaks English, a bit this white thing, I wasn’t even sure I was Japaneses at that time, you see, I was not exactly a high figure, but that is me! When I am with my principles, you don’t scare me with your passport, your history or whatever… but after that incident, I chose to leave, I wasn’t in the habit of asking people on whose side, it doesn’t mean much to me.. I am sorry if I hurt some people’s feelings… I wish everyone to make their own independent judgement without any pressure from me… I fight my own fight and I take my own responsibility. You see, when wickedness attacks, I might not be able to assist you.  And most possibly, it will take your as hostage. I, in most the case, am the most wanted on their black list. I found that out later though.

Now do you notice something from the two particular situations, same positive lifestyle facade, same demanding and non-refutable tone of manner, and same hard, dare to attack killer energy. I only realized the connection here in Hong Kong myself, that witch actually helped me to link them together before we fell apart again..

And now we go to this headline news story happening in UK right now… you know, a person even daily telegraph has to pay proper attention, just like rainbow gathering brothers, sisters had done before, check this news piece out, “Why everyone wants Nadiya to win Bake Off”, and that person won, wasn’t it? But I highly doubt that thing could win very long…

The moment I saw that big smile of that person, with that eyes, in this particular picture of that Nadiya holds a flour thing, I instantly feel that weird familiarity i couldn’t shake off, there is something not pleasant about that face, despite that big “positive smile”, trying too hard, squeezing too much, but I keep my doubts to myself, you follow the news and generally just go with the flow…

Political correctness is not something you can disagree,  I saw that picture of poor Miss.Mary Berry, and I saw that big fat show-stopper wedding cake, I don’t think the cake is particularly pretty at all, very big, very fat, not a bit delicate, pretty, but you can not refuse someone selling you such a touching story, going straight to your heart, and a Muslim female, you just can not have more positivity in one package any fuller than that, so you keep quiet…. 🙂 daily telegraph says, good luck, Nadiya, people are very nice and generous indeed..

Last night, Hong Kong time, this Nadiya spoke again, clearly not satisfied with her big fat success, more English bantering than your average English people, “I banished my husband from the……”,  “Banish?!” I was caught off guard by such a word, why? you don’t try to please someone by demeaning other one…. it is not about who, but why? In such moment?! Isn’t time to thank rather than ordering around… oh, oh, it is a joke, we know it is joke, but joke speaks the true intention sometimes unintentionally…. too bad, evil witch, you are a bit too carried off by your scheme, next time, choose your words carefully.

Banish, is a very serious word, it is not a daily common used vocabulary, you have to think to come up with such a word, and that reveals the direction of your thinking. Nadiya wants people to see how humorous she could be, but a good English people humor at himself or herself, do you notice the difference.. big fat witch?! You see, wicked thing is very good at guessing what you like and copy that stuff, but because its extremely selfish nature, it is not even aware its way of always sacrificing others for itself!

Just because of that particular sentence, I really looked at this Nadiya again. And I am 100% sure it is the same nasty soul that stole my trust, and now it even wanted to steal my computer screen space… and the world, You dream!!!

You know the reason why Nadiya won? That evil witch, as we mentioned, very good at guessing what you like and would do just that, and it could steal any other competitor’s ideas and make them its own ahead of you, it has done a lot of that to me, oh, it could cause other contesters many little blunders you can not point fingers at, remember my little computer screen accident just happened, there isn’t such a thing as a fair contest for an evil witch!!!

That Nadiya is really just the same face as that Rodelia, except darker, covered up more, I can just watch that Nadiya would cry innocence this very moment! But its pretense of innocence is so fake, you can not play innocence well if you play cold hard boss so well….  I know who is good at playing innocence, but this post is not about that soul…

And I want to say something about people who are not exactly bad, but too eager to accept benefits whiteout asking the origin and intention. I am not sure about that male host of Bake Off, his expression isn’t exactly a nice soul type, but poor Mary Berry. She is a gentle soul, but she has sacrificed so much for that little silly career. I felt so bad for he when i saw her show-stopper picture, it is not about her tears, it is the contrast of her very smooth, shiny business suit and her very wrinkly face and neck…. it made both look much worse than it really  was….  please, don’t push her too hard, when you treat your money making employee nicer, you will last your business longer, stronger as well.

I am sure a lot of “chi sing” is throwing at me, no matter, take your time, make your own judgement, and you will see who is who, who doesn’t leave who alone, 🙂

That is for today’s announcement! Thank you!

Something About Nepal

I just got  some wonderful encouragement from certain spiritual teacher!

We are discussing some music, especially this album let us help Nepal… I had some comments, and then came this sharp criticism, Heidi always talk in such an authoritative tone, like she understands you so well, it makes people very uncomfortable, does anybody like to be read like transparent?! It is very unpolite!

I was a bit caught of guard, I always speak out my mind, good or bad, and your music does reflect your character, your life… is it wrong to tell people who I think of them?

Well, while I was reflecting I was wrong or not, I  got this very encouraging feedback, “when Heidi speaks out her mind, she is more often than not right, that kind of compliant is very harmful, basically, it encourages people to speak lies, it discourages people to speak  what they think, and welcomes fake, insincere comments.. this is certain kind of personality, who do not have very  nice intention, but very good at repackaging their stuff.” At that moment, I understand. sincere criticism is only helping us to overcome our weakness and make us better person…  and that is what I am doing and that is something certain type character hates very much!!! When someone grow stronger, they have less chance to take advantage of you. And how sly they are to attack good people in such a mocking faking way!

Anyway, so here I am to review some music and speak a little bit of what I think beyond music…

I was given a task, of course spiritually speaking, to select 10 best psybient slow tempo albums of year 2015. And I took my job very seriously. It is a great honor! So everyday I am listening and making this little judgement, is it worth a top 10 position? When I get myself involved, I am very involved.

And today I have some thoughts about this album, Let Us Help Nepal, from Soma Sound System UK. You see, it is quite a nice gesture to have com passions! But I am not really a big fan of such charities normally, I had this words in my Tee, “Hilfe Hilft Nicht.” (Help is not help!) Basically, good intention is one thing, but accomplish that intention is quite another. There are too many examples of good intention gone bad. I didn’t mean this certain album project, but I do have doubt.

I don’t know if I should say this, because it would divert the subject too far. I worked for a charity and I still live among many so called refuges, torture claimants, I am actually one of the beneficiary, though I am really one exception.   I don’t have a lot respect for that charity, I have seen too many of that “I am better than you” kind of attitude. And at the same time, the so called refugees are not so worth your compassion at all! I  really have to use that word, at all! I don’t think it is any one particular person’s fault, but everything combined, it is just not a very pleasant situation.

All right, let us go back to the album. I am quite like this alum, maybe the sound quality and arrangement isn’t so good, but the music itself, is quite nice. But I am not sure it is a top10 quality yet, close though. Both Bombay Dub orchestra and Desert Dwellers chose their best track I have heard so far.  I really like Wings of Waves very much, though the version in Great Mystery sounds smoother. I first discovered Wings of waves from a DJ mix and I got confused its tile and author. I though it is from a Chinese name musician.. The music has this very strong emotional flavor of China. It was like a real serendipity when I found this track from Great mystery. Because I had just extracted that DJ mix version since I liked it so much.

You can’t blame me for such a mistake. Chinese classical music has this very particular “looking forward but dare not to expect too much” kind of emotion. you can almost see their eager eyes for hope, but in their long history, there were so much disappointments, great letdowns, they just couldn’t expect good things would really come, and that deep helplessly sadness always mixing in their music. (Japaneses music, is more or less Gibli style, so I can tell the difference. Gibli music, it can be heavy, but it is more about mysteriousness rather than sadness.)

Desert Dweller’s music mostly is Arabic, Hindi fusion,  and I can tell Desert Dwellers is trying to explore new music in Great Mystery, I would be very happy to hear more music like Wings of Waves, the other one deeply spiritual and I like is from Vajra Mind, track 5. Remember Light.  Well, one little thing I want to add, I have seen we can see forever so many times, in all sorts of forms by all kinds of big psybient stars, please let forever have a little rest.

Now we will enter the controversial terry, it is about Ott, eat static and Jewish characters… the origin of the aforementioned complaint.

I don’t know much about Eat static, but quite familiar with Ott. They both released a new album lately. Now that their music is side by side, I suddenly found out their music are really quite similar… they both have this very unconventional style, music notes is very jumpy, like cool kids laughing at old heads, … people talk a lot about Ott, quite high reviews, response to eat static is rather subdued… Ott’s music personally I like shower of sparks the best, but Ott prefers splitting an atom  this kind of style… it is sure very ear-catching…  this is the part I guess a bit too personal, I rather think Ott is actually a good kid trying to be cool, and eat static is really the cool kid who doesn’t give a shoot… eat static’s album title, dead planet, he is not exactly the type you expect to show up in a charity album…

His album dead planet, though I am not a fan of psytrance, and I deleted the first part of the album and ended up with only 6 tracks out of 24, but number is not everything, right? Eat static’s music has some real edginess you rarely hear in psybient.. the other person I think is quite edgy is state azure, but his edginess is about his super crystal clear beats, and eat static’s edginess is more of his music personality…   not just the words, it is the note, it is like at end of every note, the tone is just not what you would expect, like the nickname of that Secret Garden’s girl, contrary to the end! Maybe that is one of the reason he has been around for quite a while, but, as he would snap, only bunker heads care! But cool kids doesn’t mean they are cold kids, it is really not a big deal cool or not!

So the subject comes back to Ott. I always thought Ott has Jewish background and lived in Russia or USSR before. I don’t have any clear evidence, so I just deducted from my own research. When I listened his album skylon, I especially checked out what is skylon, and roflcopter, you can see from the cover, it is very USSR stuff. You know, people have this stereotype of Jewish people, very shrewd, very clever. I am sorry if I sound offensive, but I think it is all right to be shrewd, if Nepali people have the shrewdness of Jewish people, they would be so much better off than right now!!! Lemonchill is a good example of Israel psybient versatility, and how he handled the release of the joint album with a Turkish music label during that particular violent period in 2013 was very classic. I am not taking a side, though initially I took Lemonchill’s side before I knew the background story.

Now back to the subject again, I was thinking why Ott chose the way he is, personally, I believe Ott is more a person of shower of sparks, serious minded and great ambition, but rather he chose this coolness which he is good at playing, but there just isn’t a lot passion in that playing. Honestly speaking, I was so impressed with shower of sparks, when I finally got his first album, ‎ Blumenkraft, I am somewhat disappointed. I was looking forward to that great shine of positivity, instead it is unconventionalness and hyper energy. So is it because of the pressure of Jewish culture? I knew how successful it is of their nation! But i  have my reservation. Oh, sure, people have a lot reservation of Japan as well. Some people couldn’t wait to inform me that! Like I speak for Japan! Which I do not! I speak only for myself unless otherwise I am authorized!

I can see why people get uncomfortable when it comes to such a sensitive spot! I didn’t try to pry on Ott’s personal life, it is just his music reveals his nature, am I not nice because I am sensitive to people’s music and their emotions?!

So music has do with characters and characters has something to do with your nation, your culture. It is not exactly a great revelation at all! Everyone can recite such catchphrase. I guess only when it comes  to details, suddenly people jump at you and screaming! First of all, I do think Japan has a lot to improve, I have a lot to improve, and I love improving myself, everyday, by every possible opportunity!  And I believe by speaking out the truth, I help myself, and I help the little space I live in.

I knew a lot Nepali here in Hong Kong. They are quite nice people, most of them, not as rude as some south Asians, and they work hard, loyal to their job. But there is something obvious missing in their character. I had been to Tibet. Tibet and Nepal is just on the other side of Himalayas. But their personalities couldn’t be more different. Tibetan people have this fierce pride in their general being, and that includes the Tibetan people dressed in tatters. (of course there are always exception and that exception actually is from someone who has a bit power). Even though Tibetan people are not exactly so much more wise or sophisticated than other nation. But Nepalis.. they give you the impression they are ready to serve.

It is quite a welcome character for employers. But how could you manage your own nation with such an attitude? Isn’t it?! I don’t now what is the solution, but I don’t think a good security guard, or a good Sherpa could make your own country strong and independent!

Well, I guess it is a subject a bit too far from a simple charity album. Charity, mostly, it is not really for other people, but for the peace of your own conscience. Which, is a very natural thing to do if you can afford it and everyone is happy about it. Oh, yes, I had followed the refuge crisis from the daily telegraph website, thank you, they have done a great job of reporting! And I was very touched by this picture, but it is also true, the problem is not UK or Europe, it is Syria’s problem, and Syria people themselves’ problem…

poor syria girlChristopher FurlongGetty Images

(from daily telegraph, Christopher Furlong Getty Images)

Their president, their government, is nobody else but Syrian themselves too, their national character weakness,( I would add many Muslim countries here too), is the root cause of their national tragedy…  These refugees are running away from their own kind, what is so different of you and your own country fellows? How can you let someone so evil (if it is such a case) to rule your life, in such a scale, and you couldn’t fight back, how could this be that justice and fairness couldn’t win over evilness, wickedness, are you sure you had tried your best?!

I would rather die million times, billion times, I wouldn’t let wickedness rule my life! And I am writing this with my deadly resolution. I had quite a lot of such occasions actually but I am not going to elaborate

I can play “obedient games” with wicked ruler, but don’t you ever think I will listen to you, I am just waiting for my chance! Be brave, but always have a brain!

All right, I hope the good, real authentic refugee people would hear my advice. Don’t leave your home, fight for your home, and be independent, follow good advice, everything will come, one piece at time.

My goody, another long read! Thank you for whoever is helping me, or hearing my little babbling!

The astouding message from my solid shaman of electronic USB speakers duo

My goody! Have you ever seen a title like this?! Little psaya maybe little, but definitely not boring…

Today my speakers suddenly talked to me. Isn’t it amazing?! Or maybe not, consider La Cande! I must give you a little background about this pair of spears… It is like the Grimm fair tales in electronic age! To tell you the truth..

About two months ago, Hong kong was raining and raining and raining, and I was very bored at home. So I took this brief sunshine afternoon and walked about. I ended up walking around a little mountain, more like hills though… I still remember the details…
The hill road is mostly for commercial trucks, those kind of business that can’t afford space in downtown Hong Kong locate here. So no people walked about but myself… which I am very used to… so I found a old radio lay on the roadside, clearly not useable, but still has the look, I felt pity for the little radio so I cleaned it up a bit and put it in a tree branch, well, you can’t listen to it, but maybe when you looked at it, you can still feel the life of it, I mean for the drivers…. it is one of my hobbies to do such sort of decoration..

It should just end like that, but this time, I had my luck! I saw a pair of speakers hanging on the tree branch not very far from where I put the radio… Well, I just had to check it out! And it was there for quite a while, maybe a few months, water was leaking out, but didn’t look so bad… I decided to take them home. I was very happy. Isn’t it the standard of Grimm fairy tale, you do a favor for the fairy, and the fairy pays you back!!!

I asked our rental property manager the welding tool and really checked the speakers up, I finished a few little cockroaches, blow-dried the circuit board and replaced the USB power cable, and you know what? The little speakers starts to sing again… they sound very very nice to my ears, my heart as well.

My goody, I was so happy for these speakers, how many speakers in this world could have such a life story?! At all!!!

So if you talk about spiritual experience, these speakers are having it! The pair do not think they are girls, they think they are grown man, so no little, yours or mine kinda of vocabulary for them.

Anyway, I had some questions for a while now, so I am glad they speak up. You see I love to collect psychedelic downtempo music, and because I do not like to waste my time to have some unwanted music, I like to check bandcamp for preview… and I noticed this very weird thing, the music sounds quite nice on bandcamp but when I played on my own, it just doesn’t sound the same… I was thinking maybe because of the difference of lossless and mp3. And today I noticed my speakers sound very nice when playing some deep spiritual music, but rather flat with music has sound but not much soul…..
So I am glad the speakers speak out to me, and that explains! The shamanic speakers favor spiritual songs! And you can see why they are so!

And I really agree, only when you really really went through this kind really up and really down time in your life, you start to understand why your soul is so crucial to your life. These two speakers went through it. I went through it. And we knew what it means to keep your soul alive!

And if you haven’t, you can read these two books and you will have a little understanding of how to prepare yourself for that kind of soul awakening experience. Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. So that is for both boys and girls. I am not that little princess, and my experience actually was much much more complex and beyond scientific imagination! But I rather not to talk too much about it! It would shock too many people out of their wits end!

All right, here we go, first all, they – the two E-speakers man’s duo (their preferred name, in psybient music field, people can have much much more interesting name:moniker for themselves) want to say hello to all their old friends, the soul of the E-man’s duo was actually one human being as well, but he likes to speak in the form of speakers. And this is the shocking part, (little psaya note), he was in the industry of music creation and he was a friend of a person little psaya knew very well, as a matter of fact, everyone in the psybient music field knew this name, And that ex-friend of his is Aes Dana!!!!!!! Atomic bomb magnitude!! (psaya’s comment)

The reason he wanted to mention his name is not to drop some big name, people have a soul don’t do such a thing! The reason is that Aes Dana is in a position at this very moment E-man’s duo had been through years ago. He left Untimae when Ultimae was at its zenith! Anyway, E-man’s duo didn’t want to make a big point of it! He wanted Mr.Aes Dana to appreciate this time of hardship. (you see, personally I can tell Aes Dana is in trouble, what is happening in Ultimae from the news and his latest album already sent a very clear message of his state of mind, but as a corporation, I really has no idea, so I just type as I follow, Mr.Aes Dana, please don’t go mad at me, and I would strongly curse anyone gossip based on this little blog without my permission) He , E-man’s duo believe Aes Dana has the strength to go though this period of pain and suffering and all that negativeness. And Aes Dana knew who E-man’s duo is, and E-man’s duo want little psaya to pass the message because little psaya is a wonderful little thing, and people take her message to their heart! (Thank you for the compliment! I always try! – little psaya)

“Fame, reputation, genius, they will come and go, and go and come back, good luck, mate!”

My goody, such a grown man’s sentence, little psaya’s comment… I kinda feel it is very much like this country star’s style, let me check his name, Tim McGraw – Grown Men Don’t Cry 2001, am I close?! 🙂 Anyway, I want to say something to country music, I really like country music before, but I am very allergic to the state of country music today, every other song is about drinking, get drunk, and then party party and always this very sleazy ugly party, I didn’t know playboy’s girl is the official beauty girl in their world! Is that real country? what about growing your crops, feeding your animals and feeling happy to sunshine and blue sky?!!! Their mamas should really feel shameful about bringing up these sort of country music stars….

All right, time is up! Aes Dana is a megastar and mega vip in psychedelic music world.. I just diverted about those small country starlets… you see, I do like to speak out!

I knew the consequence of talking about public figure and luckily, my coven is tiny and has zero pageviews, likes, reposts stuff, so it is mostly spiritual consequence, then spiritually speaking, everything is connected, Aes Dana knew what is going on without me putting them on this internet… and personally I felt a bit uncomfortable getting involved, I actually have a place to talk about such thing but I chose not to, I don’t want to get into trouble or draw spotlight to myslef. I had enough of both, unintentionly!

E-man’s duo think it is my responsibility to speak out in such case and I should help when possible! Well, I hope all will go well! And I can already detect some sour face’s on the horizon! I do have a lot of good luck from this fariy tale universe, but I got equal amount of sour faces couldn’t wait to show for me as well, C’est la vie! 🙂