More of Paris Event and Who Are The Same Evil Souls within Psybient Community!

I was very honored that I was being requested to elaborate on the same topic I had just posted on

Because it is a public space, so that I need to refrain myself from venting too much, but I believe people who are in the know understand what is going on, and can’t we just use such a Chinese expression, it is the same in Japanese, “自投罗网 “, basically it means the criminal jumps to its own confession voluntarily…

And that is what happened, as for why that leech witch (that leech is more like Gargamale’s nasty running-feline! ) would do such a suicidal act, it pretty much owns to no way out, so that the big master rather sacrifices the inferior one, like lizard wizard would dump its own tail so as to let the rest run away. It is quite a clever biological trick, but when you have done it too much, it is not as magical as that stupid master would expect!

Ok, now I will connect Gargamale and its gangs to their actual real life identities… first, I have identified that leech yiannis thing quite a long time ago, now I find the date , it was October 20, and here is the actual words: “Beryl, like burial thing, which is quite fit its character. And that Beryl is quite busy on right now, though it is only pushing its nobody zombie heads around, but people can still have some idea who that witch is, (death) metal stuff, heavy smoke plus alcohol minus spiritual belief, somebody rebuffed this one when it just mentioned it in that “by the way”  pose. And that put it into some rest! Not ready to reveal its true identity yet, better to fool around than reveal claws! Ok, a little more hints, do you notice the user id image, there is one that looks fancy but eyes are very hollowed out and spooky, and was quite active on psybient until lately, and that is Witch.Beryl”.

testify 1testify 2

And then here is the snipping image of the statistics of my blog visitors.  I am sure there must be  certain invisible visitors to my blog. Otherwise it would be very curious indeed how exactly such a figure would come out in such a nasty way, and in such a grave event! I have never confronted that yianni until yesterday, “Stadning up to fight for your life is instinct reaction and not to be advised!” Just witness that shameless fake authoritative tone! So, we have waited out for its claw revealing moment.

The significance of that nasty witch-head’s confession means that it itself is the very part of the Paris blood murder! And is it a white Greek  female, a catholic Filipino or really some male jihadist? Or it IS all of them! And it is very laughable for them to leave that refugee paper on the spot, what a considerate setup?! Isn’t it a bit too obvious?! You see, not only do they want to cause panic in Europe,  they  try to split up people among ourselves, so that “liberal” neighbors fight “conservative” neighbors! Evil heads, are just evil heads, they don’t care any religion or any ideology, the only thing they care, is to benefit themselves and cause maxim pain on other people! Though they rarely benefits much for themselves… to be honest! But maxim pains among good people because of such evil schemes, that is not something so uncommon!!!

And please, good people, don’t think you can win some reasoning with evil souls, you’d better just give your life and everything away. Really, evil vampires wouldn’t suck your blood if it does believe any, even just one piece of righteous things they said!

That is why when I encounter them, I just instantly ask them to go away or I leave as fast and as far away as possible!

I am sure good people are closely watching such a witch-head now, so the rest of my post is about what I had done after more revelation has been made! This is about that witch-head’s partner and its master’s identity in psybient music world.

Psybient music world is a very crucial battleground.. because it is really about our soul and that soul really is the core of our life… And I must admit I am not so capable to spot who is who that easy myself…

So here we go, you notice Ms.Gagarin, (I would explain why I call Ms.Gagarin later) had an interview with a fairly loud name psybient artist, Globular. It is not what Globular said caught my attention, it is just one pre-cooked script used again and again, it is that picture, that man looks exceedingly like someone who just happens to live right on the second floor of mine.  I heard the message very loud that instant, but I chose rather not to believe it. It was a setup, I tried to convince myself. I don’t know Globular as a person much, but I had quite a bit of his music, I even used two for my pride and prejudice mixes.  So naturally I rather believe he is all right.

But that male on the second floor,  I had really serious doubts… He actually is very low profile, never had any open confrontation with anyone. But I knew that dark, unspeakable side of him better than that. (I can hear every signle move of his upstaris.)

For a long time, he rarely stayed in his place, he claimed he was a Pakistani from UK, though I couldn’t tell anything so Uk-ish about him. What is strange is right after my broke away from that witch-head, or more precisely, since October, the debacle of sending me to mental hospital, he suddenly moved into his flat… like either he lost his normal place or he had to stay close by here….

And I can always hear his sometimes very loud, very weird move upstairs, just so that to make you feel uncomfortable, maybe that is exactly the intention. But on the surface, he seems quite a normal, ordinary person…. but honestly, anybody who can live close by me is anything but ordinary….

Today that voice of questioning  Globular’s true identity got very loud again, is he really my upstairs, Bob Smile, Omaba?  My guess is that Ms.Omaba doesn’t want its partner stay clean where she is being dragged into the trap, so this is some sort of informant message.

You see, nothing ever happened by accident in this world, and I come to the conclusion that Ms.Gagarin rather used her seemingly gullibility fooled sneaky Omaba aka Globular showing up his tell-tale tail!

As the normal logic goes, you can not judge who is who just by comparing a look alike picture, but on the other side, I already knew there is such connection of certain facial pattens indicating certain personal character traits…so the picture aroused my suspicion, but not necessarily a conviction, I will wait, observe more, pay attention more, and sooner or later, I will find out if it is the true case. The picture of Globular is quite strange, it is quite a young, somebody would consider cute-ish image, but the way he raised his head looked at the camera is somewhat very familiar to me, like he is busy, and he is not so sure who you are, there is a bit doubt, timidness there. You see, it is rather quite ordinary, common expression, but nobody gave the same type of facial expression like there is no same type of fingerprints. Basically, I recognized that expression from that picture. I saw it from my ex-doctor in charge, and I saw it from the guy upstairs. And later that guy just gave me exactly the same look again while he went upstairs, we exchanged a very serious checking-each-other-out kind of stares. And I knew at that moment! I believe he knew I knew as well! (Somebody asks me what about Omaba, certainly you can do that yourself, find that out yourself! So you will learn a new skill, very useful in life!)

Globular is really quite like Omaba and his super oily mouthed partner, if you pay close enough attention. Like, you just can not tell from their words, or mere actions, you must spot on! Globular is very tricky, his free music offer, his fancy dubby music style, and how he praise just the right influential namesakes, you really have to admit he is a very very very calculated personality… did I mention he has a genius background in math and engineer! Oh, yes, he was that doctor in charge while I was in that mental hospital ward, too, how “kind and understanding” he had been! But your dear partner/lesbian sister was just the same “friendliness”!

Should I thank them for their”bait kindness”? Sorry, Mr and Ms.Obama or whatever, I don’t think so, at all!!!! Not only I don’t thank you, I should request you, please, don’t you ever dare to fool me, cheat me, stay far far away from me!!!

And the moment I confirmed my suspicion, I deleted all my collections of his, hopefully I will find his stuff in compilations. I am sorry to break out such a terrible news for people within psybient. Of course I do not ask anyone to believe me, I would rather suggest keeping a watchful eye. (oh, somebody talked about seniority, oh mine, just because you are old or you made something sounds good( but really very poisonous inside), you are not supposed to be evil, that sounds very much a leech logic!)

Well, I have even worse news for psybient people, one particular very light-hearted big shot, way more senior than Globular, and was quite a peaking figure somewhere sort of guy, he is the psybient version Warren Buffet Gargamale! And his name is truly reflect its status, Master Margarita. (Seems like he prefers ga sound!)

Finding him out actually is not difficult, once I (or we to be fair) found that Globular out, these nasty souls never hesitate to give away their best mates in crime!!! And I don’t doubt a bit that master maga thing is that Gargamale, wizard lizard…

How so? I got my clue through this link Psytrance, to be honest, is a very complicated and not in a very nice kind way place, but psybient, is relatively clean. So on one of those particular days, I went though that entire 89 pages of DJ sets archive files… Thank you for such a truckload of information, isratrance!!!

Going through that history, it goes back to 2007, is like digging through some fossile cross-section samples from the earth.  And that Maga’s name really did catch my eyes, I already had his collection Afro beat at that time and from my previous knowledge, I know he isn’t such a serious person, but that is quite common among “cool” people… but his maga way is even “unique” among them, his dj mix is not like any regular psybient stuff, but rather pieces from very very obscure places, and the tracklists, they are definitely not nice, but it is very hard to say outright dark, though you certainly feel dark, but because you can’t trace the backgrounds of all the obscure sources, you just can’t push for that the conviction.

Maybe I would speak another figure here, Mr.Johnny blue, even though I am not a huge fan of his sometimes psydub styles, (I guess the whole world already knew that). He was quite active at the same time along Maga. They were like good friends..  (Psybient wasn’t a very big circle back then.) Just by observing the patterns of these two big name’s posts on the forum, I respect Mr.Johnny Blue’s sincerity, and I knew Maga is somebody who are quite capable, just not in a very good way… but at that time, I thought he was just joking…. Until now! So when Maga was suggested to be Gargamale, I instantly knew it is so! That really explains away all my doubts.

Isn’t super super super tricky, that somebody is capable of disguising evilness in a seemingly irreverent joke! Planting poison in a good intentioned gift box is evil, but planting poison in a laughing stock joke is super evil! You see, It is quite difficult to frame up a nice, goody people, but it is much easier to frame up cool, seemingly irreverent good people out there, and at the same time, that seemingly careless fun joke can cover you up so perfectly!! You blend right in!

Maga is truly that super sneaky Warren Buffet type parasite, super capable of adapting to its host environment!

I always had problems with his label peak records, but  you see, I confused him with other so called cool people myself. I would cite this particular example, Va – Tranchillizer 2008 compliation zip file has been flagged as malicious by fdm, (free download manager), I was quite puzzled at that time, but I wouldn’t risk just one piece of music at the expense of my entire collection and my computer! No matter how enticing that tracklist looks like! I am so glad that I didn’t make that mistake! Thank you!!! FDM and all the nice software engineers over there !!! You see, good people are out there, though they might not be as loud or as visible as these nasty things!!!!

(This is addon after my proofreading, I got a message from a psybient memeber, like last time sufi’s life. The message is that I should better not to publish the name of the album, because many other people are getting involved, it would hurt. Thank you for that advice, but I think I will go on with it. I know it will offend quite some people, but it is better to do the right thing, rather than doing the pleasing thing! You please somebody for one second, and then we all have to suffer for a long afterwards. As for your big names, please don’t take your name that seriously, I could have way way bigger name if I wish to, so what, it doesn’t mean anything if I am wrong. Being cool is fine, but chasing coolness and getting yourself involved in an evil scheme and not aware of it. That is a very serious mistake and you must face up to your own consequence. And you know what, those people are going to be rewarded by Maga and its gangs one way or another, Maga doesn’t thank you for being on his side or being service to him, your reward is to get slaughtered! )

I can see that disbelief, regrets, even heartbreaking for some, all that difficult feelings when such two names are exposed, (Tanina Munchkina should be that yiannis),  I know it is much harder to let go a piece of music than a million dollar for a true music fan! And that is why it is even more crucial that we must identify those hidden virus souls within psyibent music world…

It is really not so surprising, considering in every little community, you will find those parasitic spirits, how could they ignore psybient, a place we feel so close to our heart… and you can’t blame them for their disguise, otherwise they have no business in such trade.

Personally, I don’t think it is such a big loss, Globular and Maga aren’t exactly top notch musicians, they sound good, but not even close to be irreplaceable.

I must confess something, I used to think Kyoto and Globular are the same artist, and I chose Globular and deleted all of Kyoto collections, but now I had a complete reversal opinion of these two… the spiritual fights in the psybient music battleground are the single most difficult ones I have ever encountered, really!!!

Somehow I have to laugh even at my own expense, fight in person, fight in the animal, insect world, fight in cyber forum, fight with any other music genres, nothing is even close to be as difficult as in psybient!

So please excuse yourself if you blame yourself why we can’t spot them on earlier!!! We all have to learn, one step at a time!

So that is the end of another little rambling from little psaya! Thank you all!


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